Community Survey 2023 – Results

The Results Are In!

A big thank you to the 352 people that completed the 2023 Community Survey online and the dozens of others that returned the survey via mail. We are inspired by and grateful for the thoughtful feedback shared by all. The 2023 Community Survey was an opportunity for PEER to better understand how our community wants to communicate, what solutions and issues you of greatest interest, and how we can improve in our service to public employees. Your comments, feedback, and suggestions have been carefully considered. Thank you for taking the time to improve PEER!

1. How would you describe yourself?

2. How did you first learn about PEER?

3. How do you stay up to date with PEER?

4. How do you want to communicate with PEER?

5. How would you best describe PEER?

6. What strengths do you think best represent PEER’s value as an organization? What do we best bring to the table? (Select Top 2)

7. In the last few years, PEER’s work on a class of chemicals called PFAS has expanded greatly. How would you describe your knowledge about how PFAS are used and their effects on human health and the environment.

8. What do you think are the best tools to affect the climate crisis? (Select Top 2)

9. As an individual, how engaged do you feel with the organization?

10. If you are a donor to PEER, please select one:

11. Have you ever considered including PEER in your bequest plans?

12. What program or project do you think PEER should work on that would inspire YOU?

Top Comments:

• BLM reform, protecting public lands, address grazing issues
• Keep defending public employees
• Protecting science
• The PEER community is worried about population as a principle stressor to the environment
• Climate change
• Reform needed at EPA

13. If you are a current or former public employee, what federal, state, local or tribal agency work do you follow most closely?

Most Mentioned Agencies:

  • National Park Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Department of Interior

14. Is there any feedback or other information you wish to share with us?

The PEER Community Offered Hundreds of Comments. These were most mentioned:

  • Keep up the good work
  • Don’t mission creep
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