‘Forever chemicals’ found in fertilizer raise concerns

by Bay Journal | May 22, 2023
DC Water, the utility that operates Blue Plains, sells it under the brand name, Bloom. Farmers in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania can buy it by the ton, while homeowners can purchase 25-pound bags at some home and garden stores. “When I saw … these astronomically high levels of ...

NPS, FAA propose crackdown on air tours

by E&E News | May 19, 2023
The goal is to bring the agencies in compliance with the National Parks Air Tour Management Act of 2000. “It has taken more than 20 years and no small amount of litigation to finally force the FAA and park service to implement the National Air Tour Management Act of 2000,” said Paula ...

Colorado’s Air Quality Doomed to Get Worse

by | May 18, 2023
Gutted Reform Bill and New Regs Offer Nothing to Stem Downward Spiral ...

Communities Rise Up to Resist Becoming “Sacrifice Zones”

While some might be inclined to point a finger at the Trump regime for handing over the EPA’s keys to Big Polluters from 2017-20, Kyla Bennet, Director of Science Policy with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility says it’s not so simple. “The problems at OCSPP are not due ...

STATEMENT | DOJ Falls Short on Protecting the Public from Unsafe Exposure to PFAS Chemicals

by | May 17, 2023
In their request for a declaratory judgement against Inhance, the DOJ failed to seek an injunction to stop Inhance’s unlawful and dangerous conduct in producing PFAS ...
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