PEER works with government scientists, law enforcement officers, land managers, attorneys, and other current and former public servants on federal, state, and local issues to confront some of the nation’s most pressing environmental problems.

Climate scientists and policy are under attack as the fossil fuel industry and its allies in government fight against efforts to transition to clean energy.

Law enforcement in our land management and pollution control agencies is under attack.

Laws affecting open records, whistleblower protections, data quality, and government oversight are in need of strengthening.

Public employees face issues with harassment, assault, inadequate whistleblower protections, and navigating First Amendment rights and civil service laws.

Too often, public agencies fail to protect the health of children, workers and the public from threats such as toxic chemicals, air pollution and dirty water.

America’s commons are under assault from commercial pressures, lack of funding and the complicity of officials who are supposed to be our custodians.

Government leaders repudiate or interfere with the work of scientists when evidence supports policies that threaten powerful interests.

The nation’s waters and wetlands, which provide clean drinking water, flood control, and fish and wildlife habitat, are under dire threat from pollution and outright destruction.

Conscientious public employees face adverse consequences for simply doing their job. When those moments of career crisis arise, PEER is there.

Help public employees protect our wildlife – in many cases from the actions and neglect of public agencies.

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