Protecting Public Employees

PEER Protects Public Employees

PEER counsels conscientious public employees facing career-changing moments of both crises and opportunity. We work on many fronts to protect public servants, specializing in whistleblower protections, First Amendment rights, and civil service laws. PEER plays an invaluable role in the environmental movement and in how the government operates. We aim to stop the assault on the government workforce and to give voice to the public servants who are working for transparency and accountability in government. 

Park Service Employee Outreach Effort with Unsettling Results Shelved Since 2018

A detailed examination of the toxic work culture within the National Park Service (NPS) has gathered dust for the past three years despite promises that it would be used as a critical tool for healing. NPS commissioned an outreach campaign called “NPS Voices” that engaged staff in a series of in-person and web-based listening sessions.  All NPS employees were invited to participate in what top officials called “a cornerstone in our efforts to change the culture that has allowed harassment to persist.” Unfortunately, shelving the report likely had the opposite impact on morale.

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Violence And Harassment

Across the country, those charged with protecting our environment are the victims of harassment, threats, assault, and intimidation both in the field and in the office.

Whistleblower Protection

PEER is there to protect conscientious public employees facing adverse consequences for simply doing their jobs.


PEERMail | Rocky Road Ahead

The President’s “Schedule F” order – which is most likely illegal — is just the latest example of our political system spinning out of control.

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