Stop the Senseless Slaughter

States across the country have expanded controversial predator control programs in contradiction to federal goals of species protection. States are permitting or encouraging trophy hunting and hunting and trapping of predators, particularly wolves, without regard for sustainable levels. States are authorizing practices like baiting and snaring of bears, “judas” wolf collaring, use of dogs to hunt predators, shooting bears and their cubs in dens, shooting wolves and pups at dens, aerial spotting/land-and-shoot, and nighttime hunting with artificial lights.

Pittman-Robertson Funding 

State game programs are supported by federal funds collected under the Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act — the total amount of funding transferred to states in FY2021 was $678,894,449. We believe that the eligibility of these states for this federal funding should be dependent on the programs’ compliance with federal conservation policy.

This will ensure that state wildlife management is consistent with the goals of sound conservation policy and maintaining healthy and naturally diverse wildlife populations, including predators, as required under Pittman-Robertson – requirements not heretofore enforced.

On a wide variety of issues, eligibility for federal funding is used as a way to leverage states to comply with federal policies. For example, federal Highway Trust Funds have been restricted in states that failed to comply with the national drinking age or establish speed limits. Similarly, we are urging that the Secretary of Interior withhold federal funds from states that undermine national wildlife protection policies.

FACTSHEET | Pittman-Robertson

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