COMMENTARY | Countdown for PEER’s Regulatory Petitions

by Peter Jenkins | May 9, 2024
Read the latest updates on eleven of the regulatory petitions we've worked on this year. With an election just around the corner, now is the time to ramp up action to get our requests granted, especially in case there is a new administration in 2025 ...

COMMENTARY | New Integrity Policies Exhibit Old Problems

by Jeff Ruch | May 2, 2024
New Integrity Policies Exhibit Old Problems This commentary was originally published in the Spring 2024 edition of PEEReview. Days after his inauguration, President Biden directed all federal agencies to strengthen their scientific integrity policies to Trump-proof federal science and ...

COMMENTARY | What will BLM’s new Public Lands Rule Mean for Conservation?

by Chandra Rosenthal | April 26, 2024
The DOI's final Public Lands Rule was designed to elevate conservation to equal status with traditional energy development, resource extraction, and grazing. Here's our take on it ...

COMMENTARY | EPA’s Seresto Decision is Harmful to Your Pet

by Kyla Bennett | April 25, 2024
EPA approved Seresto pet collars to control fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests. Almost immediately, they started receiving “incident reports” from the manufacturer ...

COMMENTARY | The Park Service Should Not Be Subsidizing Multi-Billion Telecoms to “Wire” Our National Parks

by Tim Whitehouse | April 15, 2024
Legislation is advancing to require the NPS to provide broadband and cellular access in every park where there is a perceived need for greater coverage ...

COMMENTARY | PEER Applauds the Biden Administration’s Effort to Protect Civil Service from Politicization

by Tim Whitehouse | April 9, 2024
PEER applauds the Biden administration's rule protecting civil servants should a future administration attempt to strip them of their workplace protections ...

COMMENTARY | Midpoint of Minnesota DNR’s timber harvest plan means a time to reflect, examine future

by Chandra Rosenthal | April 4, 2024
Originally published in and reprinted with permission of Outdoor News. Midpoint of Minnesota DNR’s timber harvest plan means a time to reflect, examine future In 2018, the state of Minnesota launched its Strategic Timber Harvest Initiative. Despite its name, this program proved to be far ...

COMMENTARY | Trans-Alaska Pipeline Climate Cluelessness

by Jeff Ruch | March 25, 2024
In its 45 years of operation, TAPS has undergone only two environmental assessments: one in 1972 and the other in 2002 ...

COMMENTARY | Did You Know? Carbon Capture and Storage is a False Climate Solution

by Tim Whitehouse | March 18, 2024
CCS does not address the GHG emissions, environmental degradation, or public health consequences from the build-out of infrastructure ...

COMMENTARY | Vital Safety Net for Pollinators in Peril

by Tim Whitehouse | March 12, 2024
The EPA's 1984 eco-mistake led to the overuse of pesticides, the wholesale loss of pollinators, and widespread environmental contamination ...

Op-Ed | Why is EPA Considering Lethal Pesticides for Florida Citrus?

by Kyla Bennett | January 29, 2024
Originally published in and reprinted with permission of The Orlando Sentinel. Why is EPA Considering Lethal Pesticides for Florida Citrus? Few pesticides have raised more red flags across the world in recent years than an insecticide called aldicarb. This neurotoxic poison is a notorious ...

COMMENTARY | Addressing Radon Risks in Public Housing: PEER is Making Progress

by Chandra Rosenthal | January 28, 2024
Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking and public housing is often ground zero for exposure ...

COMMENTARY | Rooting PFAS Out of Our Food Chain

by Jeff Ruch | January 22, 2024
Culminating three years of legal and advocacy work, the EPA issued an order prohibiting Inhance Technologies from producing PFAS during fluorination ...

COMMENTARY | Unveiling Challenges in Minnesota’s Forest Management

by Chandra Rosenthal | December 7, 2023
Minnesota DNR employees are concerned that the current forest management plan is unduly prioritizing timber production over conservation efforts ...

COMMENTARY | Artificial Turf – A Plague on the Earth

by Kyla Bennett | November 13, 2023
Like a nasty rash, artificial turf has spread beyond sports fields to urban lawns, schoolyards, and parks ...

COMMENTARY | PEER’s Response to Interior’s Law Enforcement Report

by Guest Contributor | November 7, 2023
The Department of Interior's long-awaited report highlighted the declining staffing levels within its agencies, especially NPS and BLM ...

COMMENTARY | Redeeming Santa Susana: Micro-Steps Up a Mountain

by Jeff Ruch | November 6, 2023
The communities around Santa Susana will continue to suffer while Boeing shirks responsibility and leaves a toxic legacy ...

COMMENTARY | Stronger Whistleblower Protections for Government Contractors

by Colleen Teubner | November 3, 2023
Government contractors who blow the whistle on agency misconduct may finally join the ranks of their public employee counterparts in enjoying the same protections ...

COMMENTARY | Artificial Turf Spreads Like Weeds on Long Island

by Monica Mercola | October 17, 2023
Despite known environmental harms, towns and businesses continue to install artificial turf fields at alarming rates ...

COMMENTARY | White House Censorship in the Name of Scientific Integrity

by Tim Whitehouse | October 2, 2023
There is good reason to fear that a new Biden administration policy will create a broad chilling effect on scientific work involving hot button topics ...
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