COMMENTARY | The Hidden Dangers of Biosolids

by Monica Mercola | December 7, 2022
Biosolids are often marketed as "all-natural" but we don’t think about the pollutants that are transferred to produce from the fertilizers ...

COMMENTARY | Why This Mining Permit Should Fail

by Hudson Kingston | December 2, 2022
Should an agency's misbehavior invalidate their decisions? When it comes to mining permits in Minnesota, PEER thinks so ...

Park Service Lack of Transparency Created Its Huge FOIA Backlog

by Jeff Ruch | November 18, 2022
The National Park Service is drowning in FOIA requests - the backlog has nearly doubled during the past two years ...

COMMENTARY | Saving Species Under Threat

by Tim Whitehouse | November 15, 2022
Protecting biodiversity and endangered species such as the North Atlantic Right Whale is one of the great challenges of our time ...

COMMENTARY | Home on the Range: Wild Horses on Public Lands

by Chandra Rosenthal | November 9, 2022
Wild horses are given a bad reputation for damaging public lands but BLM data shows that livestock are the real problem ...

COMMENTARY | Countering the Western War on Wolves

by Jeff Ruch | November 2, 2022
A science-based approach to wolf and predator management is the key to restoring ecological balance in America’s Western lands ...

COMMENTARY | House Gives Hope to Federal Whistleblowers, Senate Must Step Up

by Colleen Teubner | October 27, 2022
In order to ensure that the Whistleblower Protection Improvement Act stands a chance of becoming law, voters must keep their Senators accountable ...

COMMENTARY | Biden’s First Monument Not Very Monumental

by Jeff Ruch | October 19, 2022
Is Camp Hale the least protected national monument in American History ...

COMMENTARY | U.S. Geological Survey Labs Must Cure Culture of Reprisal

by Jeff Ruch | October 5, 2022
Third party review will help prevent future scientific scandals at the U.S. Geological Survey by providing a safe channel for USGS scientists to report problems without fear of reprisal ...

COMMENTARY | Glacier Skies to Finally Go Quiet

by Paula Dinerstein | September 29, 2022
The path to serenity in the skies above all national parks is no longer subject to the demands of commercial tourism but the work is far from over ...

COMMENTARY | The Worst Kind of Backroom Deal

by Tim Whitehouse | September 12, 2022
It is time to work to stop the Manchin-Schumer side deal to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA ...

STATEMENT | EPA’s PFOA and PFOS Hazardous Substances Designation Under CERCLA Proposal

by Tim Whitehouse | August 26, 2022
Today's actions by the EPA do nothing to stem the tide of future Superfund sites caused by toxic PFAS contamination ...

COMMENTARY | The Inflation Reduction Act Funds Additional Staffing at National Park Service

by Colleen Teubner | August 18, 2022
The National Park Service received funding to hire 5,000 more employees over the next ten years as part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 ...

COMMENTARY | Building Better Climate Solutions

by Tim Whitehouse | August 10, 2022
To address climate change we must move faster to clean energy sources, reduce energy consumption, and conserve vast spaces of land and water ...

COMMENTARY | PFAS Contamination Study Yields Frightening Results

by Kyla Bennett | August 5, 2022
Environmental contamination of PFAS has exceeded a new planetary boundary or environmental limits within which humans can survive ...

COMMENTARY | Senate Agreement Kick-Starts Climate Action

by Tim Whitehouse | August 1, 2022
The Senate is one step closer to historic climate legislation that would benefit communities and invest hundreds of billions of dollars in clean energy programs ...

COMMENTARY | Environmental Whistleblowers and the Need for Change at EPA

by Tim Whitehouse | July 20, 2022
Environmental whistleblowers may not grab the nation's attention but they are vital to creating meaningful government reforms ...

Op-Ed | An alarm is raised, little is done, and employees flee

by Chandra Rosenthal | July 13, 2022
Fed up with the state’s failure to regulate air permits, three state employees came forward about a year ago, but little has changed ...
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