STATEMENT | Earth Day 2022: A Vital Rallying Point

by Tim Whitehouse | April 20, 2022
PEER contributes to Earth Day year-round by supporting whistleblowers and working for the ethical management of our natural resources and strong environmental policies. Earth Day 2022 ...

COMMENTARY | This National Park Week Demands a Future Worthy of the NPS Conservation Legacy

by Tim Whitehouse | April 19, 2022
It is important to remember the many challenges facing national parks during this National Park Week ...

COMMENTARY | Going Big on Land Conservation in 30×30

by Hudson Kingston | April 1, 2022
Meeting the climate change and biodiversity goals of 30x30 must include conservation of as much of our lands as possible ...

COMMENTARY | EPA Sets Low Bar on Chemical Safety – And Trips Over It

by Tim Whitehouse | March 16, 2022
EPA staff are under pressure, and often retaliated against, to remove chemical hazard information and to keep quiet about it ...

COMMENTARY | EPA Releases PFAS Contamination Information

by Tim Whitehouse | March 10, 2022
After PEER FOIAs and a lawsuit, EPA releases a trove of information on PFAS contamination throughout the United States. Find out more here ...

COMMENTARY | How Maryland’s Renewable Energy Law Hurts Maryland

by Tim Whitehouse | February 25, 2022
In Maryland, "clean renewable energy" may include burning fossil fuels, trash, wood or other waste to produce electricity ...

STATEMENT | Federal Protections Restored to Gray Wolves

by Hudson Kingston | February 11, 2022
A federal judge today reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolves but our work to protect these apex predators is far from over ...

COMMENTARY | PEER works with Lawmakers to Fight Conowingo License

by Paula Dinerstein | February 10, 2022
PEER continues to work to compel Exelon Corp., owners of the Conowingo Dam, to clean it up and mitigate the ongoing risk to the Chesapeake Bay ...

COMMENTARY | Scientific Integrity’s Central Conundrum

by Jeff Ruch | February 9, 2022
The issues with Dr. Lander's tenure in the White House are a symptom of a large problem with scientific integrity and research in federal government ...

Op-Ed | Why KC Becker holds the key to Front Range air quality

by Chandra Rosenthal | February 8, 2022
Colorado has been badly out of compliance with National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for a decade now. It's getting worse, not better ...

COMMENTARY | Climate Integrity Project Targets False Solutions

by Tim Whitehouse | February 8, 2022
PEER is launching a Climate Integrity Project to address bogus offsets, keeping clean energy clean and strengthening transparency in climate programs ...

COMMENTARY | Startling New EPA Data on PFAS Waste Disposal

by Tim Whitehouse | January 26, 2022
Recently obtained data from EPA documents what is likely only a small fraction of the generation and disposal of PFAS waste across the country ...

COMMENTARY | Being Bold on National Park Staffing

by Hudson Kingston | January 20, 2022
The National Park Service is suffering from a staffing crisis, bold action is needed to address climate, conservation and maintenance goals ...

COMMENTARY | Conservation and Climate Action Require a Better Bureau of Land Management

by Hudson Kingston | December 23, 2021
Without changing its own culture, Bureau of Land Management will be unable to achieve the Biden Administration's conservation and climate goals ...

Op-Ed | Biden’s Leadership Vacancies at Interior Recall Trump’s Track Record

by Peter Jenkins | December 16, 2021
The department plays a pivotal role in fulfilling many of the administration’s goals. It deserves more than temporary minders ...

COMMENTARY | Concern Over President’s Choice to Head Federal Wildlife Agency 

by Guest Contributor | December 13, 2021
The Biden Administration's pick to lead the Fish and Wildlife Service, Martha Williams, seems to be lacking in the required education ...

COMMENTARY | Opaque Decision-Making at The Colorado Air Pollution Control Division

by Guest Contributor | December 10, 2021
Colorado Air Pollution Control Division has a convenient history of bad record keeping at a time when reporters, citizens and lawmakers have a lot of questions ...

COMMENTARY | Curing EPA’s Culture of Corruption

by Kyla Bennett | December 2, 2021
Instead of wasting resources to stamp out dissent, EPA needs to clean up corruption in its management chain ...

COMMENTARY | To Regulate “Super Greenhouse Gases” Congress Must Act

by Guest Contributor | November 22, 2021
Congressional action is needed reduce the use of Sulfur Hexafluoride, the most potent “super greenhouse gas” known to exist ...

COMMENTARY | We Can’t Build Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis

by Tim Whitehouse | November 19, 2021
Reducing our energy use must be a goal. Time is too short, and the climate math is too rigorous, for us to build our way out of this crisis ...
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