STATEMENT | EPA’s PFOA and PFOS Hazardous Substances Designation Under CERCLA Proposal

by Tim Whitehouse | August 26, 2022
Today's actions by the EPA do nothing to stem the tide of future Superfund sites caused by toxic PFAS contamination ...

COMMENTARY | The Inflation Reduction Act Funds Additional Staffing at National Park Service

by Colleen Teubner | August 18, 2022
The National Park Service received funding to hire 5,000 more employees over the next ten years as part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 ...

COMMENTARY | Building Better Climate Solutions

by Tim Whitehouse | August 10, 2022
To address climate change we must move faster to clean energy sources, reduce energy consumption, and conserve vast spaces of land and water ...

COMMENTARY | PFAS Contamination Study Yields Frightening Results

by Kyla Bennett | August 5, 2022
Environmental contamination of PFAS has exceeded a new planetary boundary or environmental limits within which humans can survive ...

COMMENTARY | Senate Agreement Kick-Starts Climate Action

by Tim Whitehouse | August 1, 2022
The Senate is one step closer to historic climate legislation that would benefit communities and invest hundreds of billions of dollars in clean energy programs ...

COMMENTARY | Environmental Whistleblowers and the Need for Change at EPA

by Tim Whitehouse | July 20, 2022
Environmental whistleblowers may not grab the nation's attention but they are vital to creating meaningful government reforms ...

Op-Ed | An alarm is raised, little is done, and employees flee

by Chandra Rosenthal | July 13, 2022
Fed up with the state’s failure to regulate air permits, three state employees came forward about a year ago, but little has changed ...

COMMENTARY | Extreme Judicial Activism in West Virginia v. EPA

by Kevin Bell | June 30, 2022
The ruling, in effect, smothers any attempt to use EPA's existing statutory authorities to control carbon emissions or meaningfully slow climate change ...

REPORT | Building a Better BLM

by Chandra Rosenthal | June 15, 2022
To build a better BLM, PEER recommends prioritizing staff protecting land health and biodiversity and shift priorities away from resource extraction ...

COMMENTARY | New Mexico Dairy Farmers’ Toxic Fight

by Monica Mercola | June 6, 2022
A new Mexico Dairy farmer who lost his entire herd to PFAS contamination is yet another tragic example of the EPA's lack of action on PFAS regulation ...

COMMENTARY | One of “Donald’s Children”

by Jeff Ruch | May 20, 2022
Donald K. Ross was a lifelong activist, public interest attorney and founding board member of PEER ...

COMMENTARY | Preventing Future Zoonotic Pandemics

by Peter Jenkins | May 18, 2022
Four policy steps to reduce zoonotic disease risks and prevent future pandemics that stem from human interaction with wildlife ...

COMMENTARY | Colorado PFAS Prevention Act Passes

by Chandra Rosenthal | May 17, 2022
On May 11, 2022, the Colorado Legislature tackled the PFAS contamination crisis by passing one of the most comprehensive state bills restricting PFAS ...

COMMENTARY | Fighting Government Secrecy

by Tim Whitehouse | May 12, 2022
Government agencies are coming up short in their stewardship of environmental information, and that is having real world consequences ...

COMMENTARY | EPA’s Myth of Scientific Integrity

by Tim Whitehouse | May 4, 2022
The EPA keeps paying lip service to scientific integrity but reality, and the experiences of scientists at EPA, is a completely different story ...

STATEMENT | Earth Day 2022: A Vital Rallying Point

by Tim Whitehouse | April 20, 2022
PEER contributes to Earth Day year-round by supporting whistleblowers and working for the ethical management of our natural resources and strong environmental policies. Earth Day 2022 ...

COMMENTARY | Going Big on Land Conservation in 30×30

by Hudson Kingston | April 1, 2022
Meeting the climate change and biodiversity goals of 30x30 must include conservation of as much of our lands as possible ...

COMMENTARY | EPA Sets Low Bar on Chemical Safety – And Trips Over It

by Tim Whitehouse | March 16, 2022
EPA staff are under pressure, and often retaliated against, to remove chemical hazard information and to keep quiet about it ...

COMMENTARY | EPA Releases PFAS Contamination Information

by Tim Whitehouse | March 10, 2022
After PEER FOIAs and a lawsuit, EPA releases a trove of information on PFAS contamination throughout the United States. Find out more here ...
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