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Science group threatens lawsuit over OPM’s failure to implement limiting involuntary leave for feds accused of misconduct

by Government Executive | September 25, 2023
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a nonprofit advocacy group, demanded action to implement the law last week in a petition for rulemaking, and warned if the agency fails to do so within 60 days, the nonprofit will file a lawsuit. In the years since the Administrative ...

National Park Service still has low employee morale and high attrition, nonprofit says

by KJZZ | September 21, 2023
The National Park Service has faced employee morale problems in recent years, including allegations of harassment. A nonprofit says that many problems persist. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility has criticized the Park Service’s record of employee harassment, and how it ...

PEER blasts park service for low morale, ‘culture of retaliation’

by E&E News | September 21, 2023
Two years later, Sams is struggling on both counts, leading an agency that’s “mired in reform malaise,” Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, an advocacy group, said Wednesday. “In steering its increasingly strained workforce, the park service is failing to address ...

A constitutional right to clean water is the only way to solve Florida’s environmental crisis | Opinion

by South Florida Sun Sentinel | September 20, 2023
Florida Today recently reported on the under-punishment of pollution in Florida. It pointed to the findings of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) that, “Thirty-four years of Florida environmental enforcement data … depict an enforcement program in crisis.” ...

PEER: NPS Remains Plagued By Low Morale, Rising Attrition

by National Parks Traveler | September 19, 2023
Nearly two years after Chuck Sams took over as director of the National Park Service with a determination to improve employee morale, workforce morale continues to fall, employee flight from the agency is growing, and the agency’s directorate is failing to reverse those trends,  ...

Why worries about forever chemicals and injuries might push the NFL to ditch artificial turf

by Philadelphia Inquirer | September 19, 2023
Kyla Bennett, a former official with the EPA, is a science policy director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), and one of the nation’s top experts on PFAS. If the NFL were to decide to rid its stadiums of artificial turf, it “would be a game changer,” ...

Anti-turf advocates highlight dangers of PFAS after Martha’s Vineyard court decision

by Cape and Islands | September 18, 2023
Kyla Bennett is Chief Scientist with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. (PEER) Bennett said the group is concerned PFAS from a field will leech into the groundwater and contaminate the Island’s water supply. Bennett says a costly treatment plan would then be required. “ ...

Suit: BLM environmental reviews lacking for grazing in Colorado, other states

by Daily Sentinel | September 16, 2023
A new lawsuit accuses the Bureau of Land Management of often failing to do required environmental reviews of grazing permits in Colorado and other western states, particularly in areas in western Colorado and elsewhere where grazing can potentially impact species such as sage-grouse and ...

BLM’s Nevada grazing leases at center of new lawsuit citing agency’s failure

by 8 News Now | September 15, 2023
A lawsuit accuses the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) of failing to perform required grazing permit reviews across the West, with the worst lapses occurring in Nevada. About 15 million acres in Nevada that did undergo a review failed to meet federal standards due to damage caused by ...

How to Solve Florida’s Lax Enforcement on Pollution

by Orlando Sentinel | September 14, 2023
Florida Today recently reported on the under-punishment of pollution in Florida. It pointed to findings reported by the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) that, “Thirty-four years of Florida environmental enforcement data … depict an enforcement program in crisis ...

BLM fails in its oversight of 155 million acres of grazing land in Colorado and 12 other Western states, lawsuit alleges

by Denver Post | September 14, 2023
The allegations of mismanagement follow Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility’s filing of a whistleblower complaint against the BLM last month after a rangeland manager in the San Luis Valley said her bosses were failing to enforce illegal grazing on land near the Rio ...

Agency Avoiding Environmental Review of Grazing Lands, Suit Says

by Bloomberg Law | September 14, 2023
The US Bureau of Land Management failed to complete environmental analyses for thousands of commercial livestock grazing allotments, conservation groups alleged in a federal complaint. The BLM has issued 35,000 grazing permits covering 155 million acres across 13 Western states, but didn ...

New scientific integrity policy lacking teeth, critics warn

by The New Lede | September 14, 2023
But according to a letter sent to HHS this month by 11 advocacy organizations, the draft policy would do little to stem what has become a systemic problem in key federal agencies whose work is supposed to protect the public but too often is swayed by political and/or corporate interests ...

Lawsuit: BLM failing to evaluate grazing impacts on public lands

by E&E News | September 13, 2023
The Bureau of Land Management has failed to assess the rangeland health of most livestock grazing allotments, resulting in overgrazing that is degrading potentially millions of acres of federal lands, a coalition of environmental groups claims in a new federal lawsuit. What’s more, ...

In our blood: how the US allowed toxic chemicals to seep into our lives

by The Guardian | September 13, 2023
But others say the numbers tell the story. Kyla Bennett, a former EPA employee and current director of science policy at the non-profit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, told the Examination that at recent rates of review, it would take thousands of years to assess all 86 ...

Conservation groups sue Bureau of Land Management over its grazing practices

by KJZZ | September 13, 2023
Conservationists frequently criticize the agency for its grazing policies, and two of them have filed suit. The Western Watersheds Project and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility say the law requires the BLM to conduct an environmental assessment before it issues a grazing ...

Conservation groups sue BLM for rangeland degradation

by High Country News | September 13, 2023
The Bureau of Land Management oversees 246 million acres of land — scrubby sagebrush, rolling deserts and dense forests — mostly in the Western U.S. It’s home to all sorts of things, from sage grouse, pronghorn and ponderosa pines to dirt bikers, cows and drilling infrastructure. But ...

Senator presses BLM on vacant grazing land in Washington

by East Oregonian | September 13, 2023
“I can’t imagine that out of 40,000 acres there isn’t a sizable percentage that BLM couldn’t work with farmers and ranchers in the area to lease,” Schoesler said. Environmental organizations are looking to reduce grazing on BLM land. Western Watersheds Project ...

Guest column: The Bureau of Land Management is ignoring its most serious land-health problem

by Bozeman Daily Chronicle | September 8, 2023
In a recent opinion piece, Bureau of Land Management Director Tracy Stone-Manning claims her agency has a renewed focus on land health. However, she fails to make even a single mention of the most pervasive land-health problem the agency faces: livestock-caused ecological destruction ...

US government is funding kills of endangered animals, activists say | Focusing on Wildlife

by ReportWire | September 8, 2023
In a statement to the Guardian, the interior department claimed federal money is not used for the kills. Spokesperson Melissa Schwartz said the allegation that the department funded state kills was “wildly inaccurate”. But the coalition said the interior department’s statement is ...
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