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US environmental agency to conduct internal inquiry over Ohio train wreck

by The Guardian | March 29, 2023
Critics say the Joe Biden administration has not been cautious enough in its approach, or taken strong enough action against Norfolk Southern, the rail company behind the disaster. Much of the ire over the management of the toxic wreck’s aftermath was directed at the EPA, and rightwing ...

Lawsuit: National Park Service air tour plan violates federal law

by Marin Independent Journal | March 27, 2023
A lawsuit filed by environmental groups alleges the National Park Service and the Federal Aviation Administration violated federal law by approving a plan to regulate air tours over Marin County’s national parks without adequately studying environmental impacts. The Public Employees for ...

How Massachusetts’ new DEP commissioner will bring ‘transparency and equity’ to the agency

by Boston Globe | March 26, 2023
But Kyla Bennett, director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility in New England, said she’s “terrified” that Heiple will “ram through” renewable energy projects at the expense of conservation. Bennett referred to a 2021 article co-authored by Heiple that said ...

Trump appointees interfered to weaken EPA’s assessment of toxic chemicals

by Eager Human | March 24, 2023
After Biden’s EPA withdrew the review, it released a statement declaring the process “compromised by political interference and infringement of authorship.” During its review, the administration took no action against career employees who implemented the political appointee changes. ...

Trump appointees interfered to weaken EPA assessment of toxic chemical

by The Guardian | March 23, 2023
The range of toxicity values was framed by political appointees as a “compromise” to resolve the alleged dispute between the OCSPP and the ORD, the inspector general said. The appointees also defended it as a “policy” decision, not an alteration of scientific data. After the Biden ...

Rosenthal and Osher: Groups sound alarm over hidden threat to sage grouse in Wyoming

by Wyoming Tribune Eagle | March 23, 2023
As environmental groups dedicated to protecting our natural resources and wildlife, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), the Western Watershed Project, and nine other groups are deeply concerned about the hidden threat facing the sage grouse in Wyoming. The Bureau of ...

Biden administration must accelerate ocean protection

by The Hill | March 23, 2023
But here’s the real problem: To date, while virtually all of the strongly protected areas in U.S. waters are in the Western Pacific region — Papahanaumokuakea, Rose Atoll, Marianas Trench, and Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monuments, covering a total of approximately 1.2 ...

Nationwide Standard Pitched for Vessel Speed Zones Protecting Whales

by Fishing Wire | March 22, 2023
With Congress placing the federal government on a six-year wait to put in place new regulations to protect North Atlantic right whales, two groups advocating for whales filed an administrative rule-making petition pushing the government to protect all whales in U.S. waters. “Ship ...

Planes Fly Too Loudly and Too Low Over Bay Area National Parks, Lawsuit Says

by Aviation Pros | March 21, 2023
“The air tour management plan for San Francisco’s national parks is a disgrace and should be rescinded,” said Paula Dinerstein, attorney for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER, the lead plaintiff. “These agencies did not just cut corners, ...

National Park Air Tour Management Plans In California Challenged In Court

by National Parks Traveler | March 21, 2023
n the ongoing trend of air tour management plans for national parks being called shoddy and insufficient in their crafting, a lawsuit has been filed challenging tour plans for Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Point Reyes National Seashore, Muir Woods National Monument, and San ...

Turf recycler hit with environmental violations as it works to open PA plant

by Philly Burbs | March 20, 2023
Unfortunately, turf field disposal is often a matter of out-of-sight, out-of-mind, advocates say. “It’s being shipped overseas. It’s being dumped in fields in Pennsylvania and wetlands in Maryland and Massachusetts,” said Kyla Bennett, science policy director for Public ...

Nationwide standard pitched for vessel speed zones protecting whales

by Florida Politics | March 20, 2023
PEER and The Ocean Foundation filed the petition, which is the first to propose a nationwide minimum standard for whale safety zones. NOAA Fisheries would establish whale safety zones for all large ships entering or exiting American ports or transiting through marine sanctuaries and ...

EPA to limit toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water, with big implications for Colorado

by KUNM | March 17, 2023
Toxic PFAS chemicals are found in multiple products, ranging from waterproof clothing to firefighting foams and ski waxes. Often called “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down easily, PFAS are linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems. The new ...

Maryland bill to eliminate dangerous PFAS chemicals found in common pesticides

by WJLA | March 16, 2023
And it’s not just Maryland. Researchers said these PFAS-laden pesticides are used across the country. “If the intent was to spread PFAS contamination across the globe, there would be few more effective methods than lacing pesticides with PFAS,” said scientist and former EPA ...

Greens petition NOAA to create ‘whale safety zones’

by E&E News | March 15, 2023
Environmental advocates, incensed by recent reports of ships speeding through slow zones meant to protect whales, are calling on NOAA to establish year-round navigation standards for all coastal waters. The Ocean Foundation and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) on ...

What do the EPA’s new drinking water limits for PFAS, or “forever chemicals,” mean for Colorado?

by Colorado Sun | March 15, 2023
Advocates of tougher PFAS regulation urged the EPA and other federal agencies to make grants and low-cost loans available to local water districts to build new systems. Billions of dollars for drinking water were included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act ...

We answered readers’ most-asked questions about PFAS, brain cancer, and the Inquirer’s investigation into old Vet turf

by Philadelphia Inquirer | March 14, 2023
The Inquirer hosted a Reddit AMA (”Ask Me Anything”) on Tuesday in collaboration with the r/baseball subreddit, answering readers’ most-asked questions about the story. Inquirer reporters Barbara Laker and David Gambacorta were joined by Kyla Bennett, science policy director for ...

EPA’s move to limit ‘forever chemicals’ would go beyond Massachusetts’ existing regulations

by WBGH News | March 14, 2023
On the other hand, some critics of the regulations are concerned it doesn’t go far enough. “We can no longer afford this chemical by chemical approach when there are over 14,000 PFAS,” said Kyla Bennet, science policy director with Public Employees for Environmental ...

The EPA proposed new PFAS limits. Dozens of Colorado water supplies violate them

by KMGH Denver 7 | March 14, 2023
The federal proposal would have sweeping effects across the country, but Colorado could be impacted more than most. A 2021 study by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) found that Colorado may have the most PFAS-contaminated sites of any state in the U.S. At the time, ...

EPA targets ‘forever chemicals’ in historic water rule

by E&E Greenwire | March 14, 2023
Multiple major organizations shared similar sentiments. Erik Olson, a senior health expert with the Natural Resources Defense Council, called the proposal “groundbreaking,” while Earthjustice attorney Jonathan Kalmuss-Katz said that it was “necessary” and “long overdue.” Still ...
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