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Letter to the Editor: Park’s funding shortfall is directly related to ranches

by Marin Independent Journal | May 4, 2024
I am sympathetic to the concern for the budgetary health of Point Reyes National Seashore, as expressed by Jerry Meral in his recently published Marin Voice commentary (“Lack of income is pushing Point Reyes National Seashore into disrepair,” April 24). However, I don’t understand ...

Letter to the Editor: If Pt. Reyes is broke, it should kick ranchers out

by Marin Independent Journal | April 30, 2024
The recent Marin Voice by Jerry Meral (“Lack of income is pushing Point Reyes National Seashore into disrepair,” April 25) made the case for instituting parking fees in the park to raise funds for needed maintenance. I have a better, far more appropriate and effective way to raise ...

State and federal officials are endangering wildlife, misusing federal grants for logging

by Minnesota Reformer | April 30, 2024
Senior managers at both the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service should be held  to account for allowing the misuse of federal grants to facilitate logging in Minnesota’s wildlife management areas and aquatic management areas. In 2020, U.S. ...

‘This is Chernobyl’: Texas ranchers say ‘forever chemicals’ in waste-based fertilizers ruined their land

by ABC News | April 29, 2024
Ranchers here say their cattle, fish and horses are dying and getting sick because of a fertilizer spread on nearby farmland. Rancher Tony Coleman’s cattle roam 300 acres just outside Grandview. He said what was found on his land has turned it toxic. Late last year, he contacted Johnson ...

Report reveals ‘dysfunction’ at Haskell University. We owe the past — and future — much more.

by Kansas Reflector | April 28, 2024
Haskell, a boarding school known for its harsh conditions and stern discipline, is now the Haskell Indian Nations University. It is a federal facility and the only university of its kind. Operated by the Bureau of Indian Education, it is the Harvard of Native American education — and, ...

Kansas senator calls for oversight reform following Haskell University report

by 13WIBW | April 25, 2024
Kansas Senator Jerry Moran is calling for changes to the oversight of Native American educational institutions. Sen. Moran sent a letter to the Department of the Interior upon the release of a report detailing the lack of safeguards against sexual assault, misconduct by leadership, and ...

Letter to the Editor: Climate change is only a symptom of the bigger problem

by LA Times | April 25, 2024
Our Jeff Ruch wrote a letter to the editor in response to the Los Angeles Times’s climate columnist Sammy Roth’s column, Changing our lives is scary. But the climate crisis is way scarier: The “jarring lifestyle changes” that will be forced on us by unchecked climate change ...

Westfield weighs PFAS concerns in considering a new synthetic field; vote is Tuesday

by Mass Live | April 22, 2024
“Forever chemicals” might be lurking again in Westfield, this time behind a proposed synthetic turf field for Westfield High School, a renovation that many in the community say is decades overdue. City councilors are set to vote Tuesday on whether to approve new athletic fields at ...

A campus ‘in disarray’: Report on investigation of misconduct allegation at Haskell to be released after more than a year of secrecy

by LJ | April 21, 2024
A “frivolous” investigation of a former cross country coach. Improperly handled sexual assault allegations. An athletic department “in disarray.” These are just some of the findings in a report about a wide-ranging investigation of misconduct at Haskell Indian Nations University, ...

The EPA is cracking down on PFAS — but not in fertilizer

by Grist | April 19, 2024
In February, five farmers in Johnson County, Texas, sued Synagro, a biosolids management company based in Maryland, and its subsidiary in Texas. Synagro has contracts with more than 1,000 municipal wastewater plants in North America and handles millions of tons of waste every year. The ...

Exposure to crumb rubber chemicals possible but ‘limited’, US agencies say

by Chemical Watch News & Insight | April 18, 2024
A multiagency study in the US has found limited potential for human exposure to chemicals from tire crumbs, concluding an eight-year federal project to examine the safety of recycled crumb rubber used on playgrounds and synthetic turf fields. Kyla Bennett, director of science policy at ...

Traveler’s View: No One’s Talking

by National Parks Traveler | April 17, 2024
The National Park Service has a toxic problem that no one wants to talk about, and that’s the problem. Across the agency there may be hundreds, possibly many hundreds, of employees claiming they’ve endured some form of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. The overriding problem ...

“Forever Chemical” PFAS Drinking Water Rules Issued, Urgency to Shift from Petrochemicals Pesticides

by Beyond Pesticides News Blog | April 17, 2024
With headlines drawing public attention to the contamination of drinking water after years of federal government neglect, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on April 10 new standards to reduce public exposure to PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, commonly ...

US environmentalists call for ‘total ban’ on PFAS usage in response to new standard

by The Chemical Engineer | April 17, 2024
The long-awaited US standard for PFAS in drinking water has been met with a lukewarm response from experts and environmental bodies, who say there is still a “fundamental problem” with the industry legislation. PEER said that the “fundamental problem” with the EPA’s approach is ...

How to be a responsible watchdog

by Great Lakes Echo | April 17, 2024
What do you do when an employee comes forward, exposing their company for wrongdoing? Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility can help whistleblowers, said Kyla Bennett, who is a director with that organization. As a previous whistleblower herself, she understands the importance ...

EPA: PFAS response won’t imperil sludge spreading on farms

by E&E News | April 15, 2024
EPA isn’t looking to keep farmers from spreading sludge as fertilizer as regulators clamp down on “forever” chemicals that work their way into the material, the agency’s top agriculture official said Monday. Farmers in Texas are suing a biosolids management company ...

Appeals court overturns EPA’s ban on plastic containers contaminated with toxic chemicals: ‘This case isn’t over by any stretch’

by The Cool Down | April 15, 2024
In December, the Environmental Protection Agency ordered a Texas-based company to halt a manufacturing process that used toxic chemicals. That ban has been overturned. “The court did not dispute EPA’s underlying decision that this is a danger to human health. What they did was ...

Synthetic turf fields, forever chemicals and the safer alternative: Organic grass

by Fallbrook & Bonsall Village News | April 11, 2024
A preliminary experiment conducted by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility reveals concerning levels of toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances on the skin of soccer players and coaches after playing on artificial turf fields. The Washington Post reported March 12 on the ...

EPA has limited six ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water – but there are 15,000

by The Guardian | April 11, 2024
Strong new limits for some PFAS compounds in drinking water set by the US Environmental Protection Agency this week are being celebrated for how far they go in reducing exposures to the dangerous chemicals. But public health advocates say the rules merely represent a first step that is ...

EPA sticks to Trump-era guidance on ‘forever chemicals’ disposal

by E&E News | April 10, 2024
EPA released an updated draft on which methods effectively destroy or dispose of “forever chemicals,” keeping incineration on the short list of acceptable disposal methods. The update aligns with the interim guidance released during the Trump administration, which caught ...
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