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Supersonic Aviation Program Could Cause ‘Climate Debacle,’ Environmentalists Warn

by Inside Climate News | January 12, 2023
An experimental jet that aerospace company Lockheed Martin is building for NASA as part of a half-billion dollar supersonic aviation program is a “climate debacle,” according to an environmental group that is calling for the space agency to conduct an independent analysis of the jet’ ...

In Colorado, Oil and PFAS Shouldn’t Mix

by Natural Resources Defense Council | January 12, 2023
“Oil and gas operations are particularly bad places to use PFAS—or any type of dangerous chemical—because there are so many different pathways of contamination,” Horwitt says. PFAS doesn’t just get into our water but our air, too, due to the methane-flaring methods the industry ...

Biden admin revisits sage grouse regs, teeing up fresh battles

by E & E News | January 11, 2023
But focusing on wild horses irks some conservation groups. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility released a report of its own accusing the USGS of overstating the harm caused by wild horses to greater sage grouse habitat, while overlooking the fact there are many more cows and ...

Commentary: Group seeks lead ban on ammo, fishing tackle for NPS properties

by Outdoor News | January 11, 2023
On Nov. 17, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed a petition to ban the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on all property managed by the National Park Service. According to the petition, this includes more than 51 million acres open to hunting, comprising more ...

Watchdog group: National Park Service law enforcement staffing remains low

by KJZZ | January 10, 2023
In the last couple of decades, visitation to national parks has increased significantly, but the number of law enforcement officers in the parks has fallen. New findings by the nonprofit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility show the National Park Service has reduced the number ...

Nonprofit Organizations File Suit Claiming That Plastic Containers Treated with Fluorine Gas Leach PFAS in Violation of EPA Regulations

by National Law Review | January 9, 2023
On December 27, 2022, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to prevent Inhance Technologies USA from generating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS ...

Spending law presents challenges for environmental regulators

by Roll Call | January 6, 2023
A provision in the new funding law blocks any of the money it distributes from being used to “regulate the lead content of ammunition, ammunition components, or fishing tackle” under the Toxic Substances Control Act. The Union of Concerned Scientists, the American Bird Conservancy and ...

PUC requires environmental review for first proposed carbon pipeline in Minnesota

by Minnesota Public Radio | January 5, 2023
Representatives from groups concerned about the project including Clean Up the River Environment (CURE) and the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) welcomed the PUC’s order for an EIS. “I think the PUC made the right decision, and we think it’s the only legal ...

EPA debuts ‘forever chemicals’ database

by E&E News | January 5, 2023
Proponents of PFAS regulation expressed some initial gratitude for the tool. Tim Whitehouse, executive director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, called the move “a positive step forward” but said more is needed from the agency. “EPA should mandate ...

Groups Sue to Stop Company’s ‘Forever Chemical’ Contamination of Plastic Containers – Brett Wilkins

by Wall Street Window | January 5, 2023
A pair of nonprofit advocacy groups on Tuesday sued a Texas company in a bid to stop it from generating so-called “forever chemicals” while manufacturing plastic containers. The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) filed the ...

EPA targets plastics company in PFAS probe

by E & E News | January 5, 2023
Now, Inhance is under fire for its links to contamination of PFAS, a class of chemicals tied to serious health impacts. Last month, a pair of advocacy groups sued Inhance while EPA similarly filed a complaint against the company for violating the Toxic Substances Control Act. Both legal ...

National Park Service Working To Bolster Special Agent Ranks

by National Parks Traveler | January 5, 2023
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility had obtained an internal memo from Jennifer Flynn, the Park Service’s associate director for visitor and resource protection, that noted the drop in agents. Part of the memo, which went out to regional Park Service directors and ...

Minnesota PUC to examine Summit Carbon’s CO2 pipeline project

by Minnesota Public Radio | January 4, 2023
Hudson Kingston, staff attorney for PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) said the PUC’s decisions in the application will set a precedent for how Minnesota will regulate carbon pipelines for carbon storage in the future. “It certainly is the beginning of a process ...

NPS cut its special agents by nearly half, memo shows

by E&E News | January 4, 2023
The National Park Service has reduced the number of criminal investigators who handle difficult cases by 45 percent over the last 20 years, and they will spend less time on property crimes and drug cases as a result, according to an internal memo. The memo, obtained by the advocacy group ...

Food Container Manufacturer Faces PFAS Contamination Lawsuit from Environmental Groups

by About Lawsuits | January 3, 2023
Two prominent environmental groups have filed a lawsuit over PFAS contamination against one of the leading food container manufacturers in the U.S., indicating that the toxic and potentially cancer-causing chemicals were knowingly applied to the surfaces of ketchup, mayonnaise and other ...

Leverett working on new plan to avoid aerial spraying

by The Reminder | January 3, 2023
“Aerial spraying is faith-based disease prevention…without scientific support,” said Kyla Bennett, Science Policy Director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) in a complaint against the new spray program. “Spraying only targets flying adults, not the eggs, ...

Seven Tough Issues That Could Disrupt Maryland Gov.-Elect Moore’s Climate Agenda

by Inside Climate News | December 31, 2022
Maryland ratepayers paid at least $57 million in 2021 to subsidize dirty energy like trash incineration, the burning of wood waste and debris and so-called biogas captured at landfills, up from about $1 million in 2008, according to figures compiled by the nonprofit Public Employees for ...

BLM To Continue To Permit Livestock Degradation to San Pedro National Conservation Area

by The Wildlife News | December 31, 2022
The BLM has the gall to say adaptive management will be a “benefit” to the public because they claim it will “reduce” the damage from on-going livestock use. To the BLM, if they can “reduce” the impacts of cattle, this is good enough to permit the continued vandalism of public ...

Nonprofit organizations file suit against Houston plastics manufacturer

by Remediation Technology | December 30, 2022
On Dec. 27,nonprofit organizations the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) filed a lawsuit under federal environmental law to prevent Inhance Technologies USA of Houston, Texas, from generating toxic PFAS or “forever ...

National Park Service Has Lost Nearly 50 Percent Of Its Special Agents Since 2000

by National Parks Traveler | December 30, 2022
According to PEER, the latest annual report (2020) from the NPS Investigative Services Branch estimates that felony investigations of property crimes and serious drug-related offenses represent approximately one-fifth of the current workload. “Reducing our official response to ...
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