Chandra Rosenthal

Chandra, a Colorado native, heads up the office as Rocky Mountain PEER Counsel. Chandra, formerly staff attorney with Defenders of Wildlife specializing in endangered species and public lands issues, has also worked for the U.S. Department of Justice and, under a legal fellowship, worked on a Superfund site with the Department of Energy. "I view my job as helping the region’s public service professionals do their jobs of protecting the diverse and abundant natural resources of the Rockies," states Rosenthal. Chandra earned her law degree in 1993 at the Lewis and Clark Northwestern School of Law, where she focused her studies on environmental law.

BLOG | What is Going On with Colorado Air Quality?

by Chandra Rosenthal | May 24, 2021
Colorado has been undermining its own air pollution experts for years in favor of easing requirements for polluters ...

BLOG | Haaland’s Bold Move Forward at Interior

by Chandra Rosenthal | April 29, 2021
Structural changes within the Department of Interior will further Secretary Haaland’s goals of tackling the climate crisis and conservation ...

Letter to the Editor: Build up BLM to protect our finest lands

by Chandra Rosenthal | March 20, 2021
“March temperatures are perfect for mountain biking, rock climbing, and river rafting trips, so increasingly the state is a spring break destination for college kids and families. The record-breaking number of visitors to Utah in 2020 indicates that despite COVID-19, there will also ...

BLOG | Can the Bureau of Land Management Shift Gears on Climate Change?

by Chandra Rosenthal | March 9, 2021
After years of mismanagement, does the Bureau of Land Management have the capacity to deliver on its climate change and conservation promises ...

BLOG | BLM Forges Ahead With Nevada Oil and Gas Leasing

by Chandra Rosenthal | September 22, 2020
Public lands in Nevada are being leased for oil and gas extraction despite little financial benefits to government but big losses to the public ...