PEER Community Survey 2022 – Results

The Results Are In!

A big thank you to the 246 people that completed the Community Survey online and the dozens of others that returned the survey via mail. We are inspired by and grateful for the thoughtful feedback shared by all. The 2022 Community Survey was an opportunity for PEER to better understand how our Community wants to communicate, what issues are of greatest importance, and how we can improve in our service to public employees. Your comments, feedback, and suggestions have been carefully considered and results from the survey have been incorporated into PEER 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. Thank you for taking the time to improve PEER!

1. How would you describe yourself?

2. How did you first learn about PEER?

3. How do you stay up to date with PEER? (Select Top 3)

4. How do you WANT to communicate with PEER?

5. How effective do you think PEER is in delivering its mission?

“PEER protects public employees who protect our environment. We are a service organization for environmental and public health professionals, land managers, scientists, enforcement officers and other civil servants dedicated to upholding environmental laws and values. We work with current and former federal, state, local and tribal employees.”

6. How would you best describe PEER? (Select Top 2)

7. What strengths do you think best represent PEER’s value as an organization? What do we best bring to the table? (Select Top 2)

8. Pick the top three most important issues to you.

9. If you are a donor to PEER, at what level do you give in a year?

10. If you give to PEER, what other organizations to do you support philanthropically (tax-deductible gifts only)? List the names of the organizations.

Summary: Top 10 organizations most mentioned

2. PBS
3. Wilderness Society
4. Center for Biological Diversity
5. EDF
6. EarthJustice
7. Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
8. The Nature Conservancy
9. Sierra Club
10. Audubon

11. Select One:

  • PEER is in the top three charities I support in a year.
  • PEER is in the top five charities I support in a year.
  • PEER is not one of my top charities I support in a year.

12. What program or project do you think PEER should work on that would inspire YOU?


• Protecting environmental whistleblowers remains that most important program that inspires our community.
• Climate and energy are mentioned several times as being of paramount importance.
• People understand our work regarding land management agencies and want us to do more to hold them accountable.
• Advocacy and work regarding environmental justice is mentioned several times.

13. If you are a current or former public employee, what federal, state, local or tribal agency work do you follow most closely?


  • 168 responses ranging across federal and state agencies
  • Highlights include an Indian Health Center, a Brazilian Environmental Agency, and a VA Hospital

14. Is there any feedback or other information you wish to share with us?


  • Great encouragement from the community that we are doing great work.
  • Several suggestions to collaborate more with other groups for maximum effectiveness.
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