US Government Officials Visit, Learn About Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

From: Char-Koosta News

“CSKT employees were escorted off the National Bison Range by armed officials and locked out pending an investigation of the claims. CSKT Vice Chairman Leonard Grey worked as a volunteer at the time and recalled his experience to Sweeney. “It was truly an insult; it’s something that an Indian would never do to a buffalo. We share that spirit with them. They are our relatives. That was sickening. Our chairman Ron Trahan said he hasn’t been to the Bison Range since,” he said. The tribes faced public scrutiny for five-years awaiting the results of the investigation. In 2011, the General of the Department of Interior announced that he found “no merit” in any of PEER’s claims. In 2016, CSKT drafted legislation, which was backed by the FWS, asking congress to transfer management of the Bison Range to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. No action was taken and a year later, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke announced that he would be taking a different direction with the management of the Bison Range stating:”

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