Meeting the Challenges Ahead

Visions for the Next Decade and Beyond

Despite serious political challenges ahead, President Joe Biden has set forth a series of bold, coherent plans to address some of our country’s most pressing environmental and public health challenges. The President has issued orders bringing the United States back into the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization. He has appointed leading scientific thinkers to top positions in his government, and he has made clear that his top environmental priorities include climate change and protecting our nation’s waters. But there is a lot of work to do still. The same special interests that wreaked havoc on our environment and relentlessly attacked our government are not going to ride quietly into the sunset. Moreover, we need to make sure the new administration not only makes good on its promises, but goes beyond them. The status quo and minor improvements are no longer an option.

We are glad to be part of this renewed effort to change the direction of this country and share with you some of our priorities and current plans for moving beyond 2020.

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Beyond 2020 Plans

Beyond 2020: Pesticides

Beyond 2020: Pesticides

Recommendations to Congress and the EPA to protect the environment and public health from the dangers of pesticides.

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