Plastic Burning Pollution Flies Under the Radar

by Living On Earth | May 5, 2023
DOERING: Just 5 percent of plastic waste is recycled in the U.S. each year. Of the other 95 percent, some winds up as pollution in the ocean, most is buried in landfills and roughly 10% is burned, generating harmful air pollutants like dioxins and ash containing heavy metals. But waste ...

Artificial Turf Is Full of Toxic Chemicals — Yet More and More Schools and Playgrounds Are Using It

by The Defender | May 4, 2023
Meanwhile, the artificial turf industry “is poised for significant growth, as projections indicate substantial expansion and revenue generation by 2030,” according to a March 17 MarketWatch report. Kyla Bennett, director of science policy at Public Employees for Environmental ...

Public Comment – Colorado Air Quality Permits – 05-04-2023 (PDF)

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DESCRIPTION: Public comments on Colorado Minor Source NSR Modeling Guideline for Air Quality Permits, submitted via web portal TO: Colorado Department of Health and the Environment, Air Pollution Control Division FROM: Chandra Rosenthal, PEER DATE: May 4, 2023 TAGS: air pollution, ...

BLM’s Sketchy Satellite-Based Range Management

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Agency Sets the Stage to Renew 1, 372 Montana Grazing Allotments Renewed in One Fell Swoop – No NEPA ...

FCC inadequately upholds environmental protections, report says

by The Desk | May 3, 2023
Apollo was engaging in discussions with multiple big companies interested in purchasing its mercury-fueled thruster for their satellites. Its website claimed the company had a signed contract with at least one customer, with plans for a trial launch by the end of 2018. That November, ...
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