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Maine Seeks Pre-Approval for Wetlands Destruction

by | July 10, 2008
Maine DOT “Umbrella Mitigation Bank” Tries to Exploit Weakened Federal Policies ...

U.S. Sugar Buyout May Not Help the Everglades

by | July 8, 2008
Corps Rejected Concept a Decade Ago Due to Insurmountable Hydrological Barriers ...

Florida Environmental Enforcement Continues Downward Slide

by | June 16, 2008
Municipalities Now Account for Half of All Major Pollution Violations ...

EPA Kisses off Florida’s Wetlands

by | February 20, 2008
Developer Sway in EPA Breeds Algal Blooms and Aquifer Contamination ...

Florida Clean Water Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed

by | January 28, 2008
Ousted Lab Manager Cites Corruption by Top State Officials and Massive Data Loss ...

Lawsuit to Force Florida Manatee Oversight Record Release

by | January 22, 2008
Boating Speed Limits, Warning Signs and Swim-With Harassment at Issue ...
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