Quentin Bass: Appalachian Tales with a Megaphone

by | April 19, 2018
Quentin Bass blew the whistle on the Forest Service's suppression of its own historic ecological records showing Eastern Forests were dominated by old trees, which was used to justify increased logging and prescribed burning on millions of acres of public forest throughout the Southern ...

Jeff DeBonis: PEER Origin Story

by | April 11, 2018
As a timber sale planner on Oregon’s Willamette National Forest in the late 1980s, Jeff came to the conclusion that the Forest Service was over-logging which would lead to the type of eco-degradation he had seen in Central America in the Peace Corps. He co-founded PEER ...

Teresa Chambers: The Honest Chief

by | April 3, 2018
Teresa waged a 7-year legal battle through PEER to overturn her termination for honestly answering a reporter’s questions as first female Chief of the U.S. Park Police. Her case created important protections for all national security and public safety whistleblowers ...

Paula Dinerstein: Whistleblower Lawyer

by | March 21, 2018
Paula is PEER's Senior Counsel, and discusses the enormous range of cases brought to PEER by the experts seeking to uphold environmental integrity within their agencies ...

Steve Gniadek: Talking Down a Jumper

by | March 15, 2018
Steve was the chief biologist at Glacier National Park, who reached out to PEER for help when his superintendent was pushing a permit for a parking lot that would have destroyed old growth forest without proper environmental review ...

Heather Wylie: Kayaking to Save the L.A. River

by | March 8, 2018
Heather took part in a demonstration to protect the L.A. River, and footage of her kayaking to prove its navigability ended up on YouTube, leading her superiors to propose a career-crippling suspension. PEER mounted a First Amendment defense (the kayaking protest as symbolic Free Speech) ...
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