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    Swan DiveTrumpeter Swan Restoration Trumped by Politics (August 2001)
    Swan Dive traces how the declining prospects for the survival of Greater Yellowstone’s trumpeter swans have intertwined with decisions by the agencies charged with ensuring their survival. Unfortunatley, these decisions have imperiled this last native nesting population of trumpeters in the lower 48 states. more >>

    Sitting DucksUSFWS Assaults the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (June 1998)
    According to its own law enforcement personnel, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is bowing to intense political pressure to allow unethical hunting techniques, principally baiting, which they believe will facilitate detrimental over-harvesting of migratory game birds. The Special Agents are outraged by what they see as their agency’s retreat from strong enforcement against hunting practices which contradict the principles of fair chase and damage the very resource whose survival makes recreational hunting possible. more >>

    Grizzly ScienceGrizzly Bear Biology in the Greater Yellowstone (October 1997)
    Experts from various state and federal agencies chronicle the conflict between the practice of wildlife biology and the reality of bureaucratic politics within public resource agencies of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Their professional experiences exhibit common problems of bureaucratic dysfunction, including suppression of science, falsification of information, and harassment of those working to ensure the survival of the grizzly bear. more >>

    Noah’s Ark is LeakingThe Department of Interior Abandons International Species Protection (May 1997)
    The FWS has abandoned its legal obligation to protect international threatened and endangered species. There has been a decade-long de facto moratorium on the listing of foreign species. Commercial interests abuse the process by importing rare animals. more >>

    Tarnished TrophiesThe Department of Interior’s Wild Sheep Loophole (October 1996)
    According to its own specialists, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is driving protected foreign game species to extinction through the illegal issuance of permits to import game trophies. Despite mandates to enforce both the Endangered Species Act and international conservation treaties, the Assistant Directorate for International Affairs (AIA) within the Fish & Wildlife Service is promoting importation of sports-hunted trophies of threatened and, in some cases, endangered species. more >>

    2005  Politics Trumps Science At U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    1998  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement Survey

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