Florida Public Record Laws


Florida Statutes Ch. 119

Exemptions to Disclosure

The Florida public records law is extremely broad. Drafts, emails, and text messages can be considered records – the determining factor is the nature of the material, not its location. An email sent from a personal account on a personal computer can be considered a public record if it was written in connection with official business.

Access Rights

  • Any person
  • Records are made public if involve use of public funds
  • If exemption is asserted, custodian needs to explain why
  • “Good faith” effort by custodian to determine existence and location of requested records
  • Fees as prescribed in Section 119.07

Destruction of Public Records

  • Retention schedules established by the records and information management program of the Division of Library and Information Services of the Department of State
  • If record is asserted to be exempt, can’t dispose of it until at least 30 days following request for it
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