NPS Voices Summary Report – 06-06-2019 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Summary Report of The Voices Project, 2019, which encouraged National Park Service employees to speak out about their work environments.
FROM: National Park Service
DATE: June 6, 2019
TAGS: NPS, sexual harassment, violence vs. employees

A detailed examination of the toxic work culture within the National Park Service (NPS) has gathered dust for the past three years despite promises that it would be used as a critical tool for healing. NPS commissioned an outreach campaign called “NPS Voices” that engaged staff in a series of in-person and web-based listening sessions.  All NPS employees were invited to participate in what top officials called “a cornerstone in our efforts to change the culture that has allowed harassment to persist.” Unfortunately, shelving the report likely had the opposite impact on morale. Read the press release»






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