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Wildlife Management: Alaska Edition

Effective, humane wildlife management is critical for both the health of the species and its habitat. PEER recently reported on two crucial wildlife management issues based in Alaska that have wide-reaching impacts.

In the last year we’ve seen the total collapse of the Bristol Bay king crab population. NOAA paved the way for closing what was once Alaska’s most valuable single-species fishery by engaging in widespread sampling bias and data falsification. This resulted in inflated annual population estimates which led to multiple years of catastrophic overfishing. Unfortunately, NOAA has refused to own up to its disastrous mismanagement – continuing, with absolutely no substantiation, to point to climate change as the reason for the decline.

But Alaska’s wildlife trouble doesn’t stop at the shores. In a three-week period this spring, Alaska Department of Fish and Game employees killed 94 brown bears (including cubs), five black bears, and five wolves through aerial gunning from helicopters. We are pressing the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to withhold Alaska’s wildlife management funding for consistently violating the statutory mandate to “conserve all wildlife” and prioritizing revenue-generating game animals over healthy, sustainable ecosystems.

So, what is PEER doing to address these and other wildlife management issues?

  • Advocacy and Litigation: PEER advocates for sound environmental policies and wildlife management. We challenge agencies to fulfill their stewardship responsibilities, often through litigation.
  • Protect Scientific Integrity: PEER supports scientists and experts who provide data-driven insights and solutions toon wildlife management issues.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: PEER collaborates with other organizations, scientists, and policymakers to advance wildlife conservation initiatives and strengthen the collective effort to protect species and restore ecosystems.

The biodiversity crisis is well documented. We need to tackle every assault on species and ecosystem health, from crabs to wolves. Thank you for standing with us in this effort.

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