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A Whistleblower’s Journey

I’d like to invite you to a special webinar on July 18 at 4 pm, A Whistleblower’s Journey: Unleashing the Truth to Safeguard the Environment.

For the past 30 years, PEER has worked to defend environmental whistleblowers and address the underlying environmental issues they bring to us. Join us for this webinar as PEER’s Director of Science Policy, Kyla Bennett shares her personal story as a whistleblower at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Hear from our General Counsel, Paula Dinerstein, one of the most seasoned and remarkable whistleblower attorneys in the country, about what PEER has to offer to whistleblowers and anonymous activists within government. And dig in with our Staff Counsel, Monica Mercola, to learn about the broad scope of issues PEER tackles and some of our successes and challenges.

Nancy Kassebaum, the former Republican Senator from Kansas, once said, “We must be prepared to engage in the never-ending and tedious process of continual oversight and review of government.” PEER’s work with those who speak out against wrongdoing and shine the light on government abuses and shortcomings is a critical component of this continual oversight, especially in these times of crisis.

We hope to see you there. Register»

Join PEER and thousands of supporters across the US to stand with environmental whistleblowers during our Double Trouble campaign. This summer, from June 21 to September 22 your gift to PEER will be matched! New gifts will be matched twice-over. Go ahead, jump in, make waves, and join our summer campaign! Donate today!

Pesticides Industry’s Fight Against Democracy

University of Albany Campus photo

PEER has joined a coalition of groups in opposing the pesticide industry’s latest attempt to prevent local governments from restricting the use of pesticides in their communities. Proposed language in the Farm Bill would prohibit local governments from developing protections for water resources, wildlife, and pollinators from pesticides, as well as from taking actions to protect children from exposure by limiting the use of hazardous pesticides around parks, playgrounds, and within local schools. Read More»

More on Strengthening BLM’s Conservation Rule

BLM law Enforcement Alaska

PEER has helped draft additional comments to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on its proposed conservation rule organized by the Western Watershed Project and coalition partners. These comments call for significant revisions in the proposal to ensure BLM is able to improve conservation efforts on the lands it manages and are in addition to comments PEER submitted to BLM last month on the rule. Read More»

Aerial Slaughter of Nearly 100 Brown Bears

BLM law Enforcement Alaska

The State of Alaska is not shy about shooting down scores of bears from helicopters but doesn’t want to share the evidence. Fearing public outcry, the state is refusing to release any photographs or internal message about a recent aerial gunning operation that was the largest lethal removal of predators in Alaskan history. Read More»

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