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The Battle Over Sears Island Continues

PEER is leading a growing coalition of groups opposing the State of Maine’s plan to develop Sears Island into a logistical hub for future floating offshore wind facilities. The proposed hub would transform one of the largest undeveloped islands remaining on the Eastern Seaboard into a marine terminal. 

One important part of PEER’s Climate Integrity Program is to fight for the proper siting of renewable energy projects and their dependent infrastructure. Developing Sears Island is a poor choice because the state has identified Mack Point, a current logistical facility with expansion capacity and a tie-in to the existing rail system, as a feasible alternative for a wind farm hub across the bay.  

The push to develop Sears Island has national implications. When we fail to plan correctly, renewable energy projects and infrastructure will supplant the important climate-controlling work of grasslands, wetlands, and forests, and threaten sensitive ecosystems and habitat areas such as Sears Island. 

PEER has a long history of fighting to protect Sears Island, and we are proud to continue this fight. Support our conservation efforts on Sears Island and our broader climate integrity work by making a gift today

Tim Whitehouse
Executive Director

PEER Greenwashing Climate Webinar, April 4th at 1pm ET

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Join PEER staff and experts in a lively and informative webinar about why we must fight false climate solutions and focus on what we know works. Topics discussed will range from the validity of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets, the contradiction of waste-to-energy as a renewable resource, and agricultural impacts on climate. Register now!

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