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I hope you had a wonderful New Year, and that the coming year brings you much success and happiness.  

As we pivot to the new year, we want your feedback on how we can or should recalibrate our work during this upcoming election cycle.

Government employees and PEER supporters understand the importance of elections and our vital role in protecting the civil service from improper political influence. In the upcoming national elections, the strength of our democracy will be tested in ways it hasn’t been during my lifetime. 

That is why we are developing an advocacy agenda in response to the Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025”, a plan to reshape the federal government in the event of a second term for Donald Trump. The heart of Project 2025 is to “gut”, or, in the words of one former Trump administration official, be a “wrecking ball” for the administrative state on day one of the new administration. 

No matter who wins the upcoming election, this radical and undemocratic plan will be the right wing’s agenda for the next decade. In response, we will step up our efforts to strengthen the nation’s civil service, whistleblower protection, transparency, and scientific integrity rules this year, and continue to push bold support for stronger environmental laws. 

Because so much is at stake, we want to hear directly from YOU. Send us your comments on where you think we should focus our efforts in the coming year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with your thoughts ( or fill out this form. If you’re inspired, you can also support our work by making a contribution to our efforts here.

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