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Holding Polluters Accountable

PEER recently published a report on Florida’s environmental enforcement record that shows anti-pollution efforts under Governor DeSantis have sharply declined in the last two years amid a proliferation of algae blooms, sewer overflows, and a mass die-off of manatees.

This decline highlights a bigger nationwide problem — many enforcement programs throughout the country have collapsed due to a lack of funding and political will. This means polluters can often get away with little or no consequences when they harm the environment or public health.

However, we do feel there is reason for hope. As PEER reported, criminal prosecutions at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are on the rise after more than two-decade slide. And, throughout the country, we are witnessing increased bi-partisan support for strengthening our nation’s responses to environmental problems.

This is encouraging news.

As a former enforcement attorney at EPA, I know it takes constant oversight by advocacy groups to make sure the government holds polluters accountable. I am glad PEER is part of this important effort and hope you will support us in this work.

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Lifting the Curtain on Renewables

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PEER is leading a coalition of groups asking for more transparency in Maryland’s renewable energy program. Groups are concerned that the state is not disclosing enough information on dirty energy subsidies and hiding the actual impacts of these subsidies. These comments will serve as the basis for a nationwide push for more transparency in subsidies to sources of electricity claiming to be renewable. Read More»

IG Criticizes EPA’s New Chemicals Program

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EPA’s Inspector General (IG) has issued a report showing that the process for reviewing the safety of new chemicals is badly broken. PEER expects the IG will release additional reports in the coming months based on complaints filed by PEER on behalf of agency whistleblowers. The IG recommendations will help PEER and other groups develop a reform agenda for assessing the safety of new chemicals entering the marketplace. Read More»

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