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Save the Right Whales

Extinction is a choice that humans often make about animals that inhabit the earth.

Nowhere is that truer than with the North Atlantic right whale. With less than 350 individuals left, the future of this whale is bleak.

For too long, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has failed to take serious steps to address the main threat to these whales — entanglements with lobster fishing equipment. Whales get caught in these ropes and either drown or are forced to drag them on their migration up and down the Atlantic coast until they starve to death or die of exhaustion.

That is why we are petitioning NOAA to strengthen requirements that certain fisheries transition to rope-less gear, a proven way to protect the North Atlantic right whales and other marine animals from deadly entanglements with fishing gear. Please sign our petition here (petition closed)!

You can also support this important work by joining us for an an exclusive, in-person screening of the new, award-winning documentary ‘Last of the Right Whales’ on September 16, in Washington, D.C. Enjoy a keynote address by world-renowned cetacean scientist Peter Corkeron, Ph.D. and a Q&A with PEER’s Director of Science Policy, Kyla Bennett, Ph.D. If you can’t make it in person, we have a virtual option as well! Learn more and grab your tickets today (event over).

We are determined to not make extinction our choice for the right whale. Thank you for doing your part in this effort and for supporting all our work to protect wildlife.


Thanks to your generous contributions, our July ‘Double Trouble’ match was a smashing success! Your new and increased gifts help us provide pro-bono legal services that keeps government honest at all levels. Thank you!

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