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Environmental groups ask feds to reconsider the trans-Alaska pipeline and plan for its removal

by Alaska Public Media | June 12, 2024
A coalition of environmental groups has filed a legal petition with the federal government to reconsider how the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System contributes to climate change and to begin phasing the 800-mile line out of existence. “The federal government has a lot of both responsibility ...

Alaska’s open seasons on predators are approved behind closed doors

by Alaska Public Media | January 10, 2024
As spring arrived in southwestern Alaska, a handful of people from the state Department of Fish and Game rose early and climbed into small airplanes. As the crew flew, it watched for the humped shape of brown bears lumbering across the hummocks. When someone spotted one, skinny from its ...

Fish and Game kills over 100 bears and wolves to boost Mulchatna caribou numbers

by Alaska Public Media | June 21, 2023
Environmental agencies have criticized the state’s approach to predators, saying that it compromises healthy populations of wildlife through predator control. Last year, the group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility requested that the U.S. Department of Interior end the use ...


by Alaska Public Media | January 16, 2018
From: Alaska Public Media “Finally, at the end of 2017, Congress allowed an excise tax collected on American oil to expire, which goes into a government trust used for oil spill cleanup and prevention. However, Congress could eventually renew the tax, and the current balance is ...
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