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‘Forever chemicals’ found in fertilizer raise concerns

by Bay Journal | May 22, 2023
DC Water, the utility that operates Blue Plains, sells it under the brand name, Bloom. Farmers in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania can buy it by the ton, while homeowners can purchase 25-pound bags at some home and garden stores. “When I saw … these astronomically high levels of ...

EPA proposes limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

by Bay Journal | April 24, 2023
Environmentalists for the most part welcomed the EPA’s move, saying it was long overdue. Scott Faber, senior vice president of the Environmental Working Group, called the agency’s announcement “historic progress.” Some, though, complained that the EPA has not gone far enough. Kyla ...

Maryland must stop pretending that poultry waste is clean energy

by Bay Journal | June 3, 2022
With 2022 an election year for the state’s entire General Assembly, as well as the governor’s office, candidates are actively debating how to move to a clean energy grid and do it quickly. But what they need to talk about more is what a clean energy grid actually looks like. In 2020, ...

‘Forever chemicals’ found in mosquito spray

by Bay Journal | May 26, 2021
“A pair of environmental groups reported recently that high levels of per– and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, were detected in a sample of a widely used mosquito insecticide that is sprayed every spring and summer in the streets of 2,100 communities across Maryland, as well ...

‘Forever chemicals’ found in Chesapeake seafood and Maryland drinking water

by Bay Journal | November 17, 2020
“More testing has found so-called “forever chemicals” in a striped bass, blue crab and oyster from the Chesapeake Bay, as well as in drinking water from household taps in Maryland’s Montgomery County. Laboratory analyses released by the nonprofit group Public Employees for ...
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