Beyond Pesticides

Groups Challenge EPA on Allowing Toxic Pesticides that Do Not Even Work and Without Its Review

by Beyond Pesticides | March 3, 2023
The Center for Food Safety, Pesticide Action Network North America, Center for Biological Diversity, Beyond Pesticides, and other advocates have filed lawsuits in recent years to get EPA to act protectively on neonics and other pesticides. The coalition of groups in the subject case ...

EPA Confirms PFAS “Forever Chemicals” Leach into Pesticides from Storage Containers

by Beyond Pesticides | September 14, 2022
These results led EPA to conduct more comprehensive testing, considering the length of time a pesticide product is stored, and whether the type of liquid stored in the barrel made a difference. At the time, Kyla Bennet, PhD, Policy Director at Public Employees for Environmental ...

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Contribute to Liver Injury, including Toxic PFAS and Pesticides

by Beyond Pesticides | August 12, 2022
Thus, PFAS contamination is significantly underrepresented and much more perverse than previously thought, polluting storage and transportation containers, food and water resources, and other chemical products. For instance, independent research by Public Employees for Environmental ...

As EPA Oversight of Pesticides Shrinks, Workload Doubles—Raising Safety Concerns

by Beyond Pesticides | May 13, 2022
In January 2022, Beyond Pesticides wrote about the emerging changes emanating from EPA in relation to its OPP ESA efforts: “Beyond Pesticides joined with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and three dozen allied groups to lay out what a ‘larger effort’ to ...

Animals in Wildlife Sanctuaries at Greater Risk of Pesticide Exposure from Internal Agricultural Practices

by Beyond Pesticides | March 30, 2022
Another concern for wildlife refuges involves crops genetically engineered (GE) to tolerate pesticide exposure. In 2012, Beyond Pesticides and other environmental groups, led by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and Center for Food Safety (CFS), won a court battle to ...
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