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PFAS Definitions Spur Group’s Lawsuit Seeking EPA Documents

by Bloomberg Law | April 28, 2022
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility asked a federal district court Thursday to compel the EPA to turn over agency records that could offer insight into the rationale behind the chemical office’s PFAS definition. PEER’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) complaint alleges ...

EPA Resumes Posting Chemical Risk Data to Agency Website

by Bloomberg Law | February 3, 2022
The EPA said its resumed posting data online about new types of problems potentially caused by commercial chemicals, less than a month after an advocacy group sued for the information. Substantial risk notices for hundreds of chemicals are now available through the ChemView database, the ...

Watchdog Group Warns of Dire ‘Forever Chemicals’ Threat

by Bloomberg Law | January 27, 2022
EPA data shows that facilities across the country are disposing of waste containing PFAS by burning or burying it in landfills, which spreads the chemicals into the air or groundwater, a good-government group said Thursday. Some PFAS-laden chemicals are also being mixed with other fuels, ...

Group’s Allegations of Destroying Records Spur EPA Investigation

by Bloomberg Law | August 27, 2021
“The EPA says it will fully investigate allegations from a public interest group that it illegally destroys the original versions of its internal communications and draft documents once they’re edited, according to an agency spokesman. The Environmental Protection Agency pledged to ...

Suit Seeking Records on Interactive PFAS Map Ends in Settlement

by Bloomberg Law | July 2, 2021
“The EPA can avoid a lawsuit seeking records on a delayed interactive PFAS map after reaching a settlement with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a federal court in Washington, D.C., ruled Friday. PEER sought timelines for the release of the map for identifying local ...
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