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Trump Showed How Easy It Is To Break The EPA. It’s Much Harder To Fix It.

by Buzzfeed News | May 6, 2022
But standing in the way of the new EPA vision is a lack of resources, staff, and more support from across the government. For one, the Supreme Court is currently reviewing a case that could sharply limit the agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gasses that drive climate change. The ...

Park Police Officers Worried That Chronic Understaffing Could Endanger The Public. Then The Capitol Riot Happened.

by Buzzfeed News | January 17, 2021
“A few hours before hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, a group of about 150 people breached a barrier around the base of the Washington Monument. Vastly outnumbered by the agitated throng, a clutch of US Park Police officers on ...
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