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Is fluorinating polyethylene a health threat?

by Chemical & Engineering News | February 5, 2023
Kyla Bennett is fed up with the pollution flowing into her house through its water pipes. “I can’t drink my water. I’m not supposed to shower in my water. And we’ve been waiting now 2 years for this filtration plant to come on line. It’s costing us, the taxpayers, $9 million,” ...

EPA confirms fluorinated containers leach PFAS

by Chemical & Engineering News | September 8, 2022
The EPA is asking pesticide makers to analyze their products for PFAS and remove those that are contaminated from the market. “Relying on industry to self-report is problematic,” says Kyla Bennett, Director of Science Policy at the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a ...

How to define PFAS

by Chemical & Engineering News | July 1, 2022
“The definition is the fundamental building block for regulation and EPA has an obligation to explain the basis for its PFAS definition,” says Kyla Bennett, science policy director for the advocacy group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). “EPA’s current ...

Group sues US EPA for hiding risk information

by Chemical & Engineering News | January 18, 2022
When chemical manufacturers obtain information that a substance in the marketplace poses a substantial risk to human health or the environment, they are required to notify the US Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA made such notifications publicly available for decades. Then, without ...

Mosquito spray tainted with PFAS from shipping containers

by Chemical & Engineering News | January 19, 2021
“Environmentally persistent chemicals discovered in an insecticide aerially sprayed in more than half of US states leached into the pesticide from plastic shipping containers, the Environmental Protection Agency says. An assortment of toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) ...
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