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Career Employees Allege EPA Leaders Silenced Them on Key Deregulation Effort

by Government Executive | January 21, 2020
“The Environmental Protection Agency suppressed the work of its career employees and dismissed legitimate science in taking a key deregulatory action, dozens of former and current employees have alleged. The employees are asking investigators to discipline the top officials ...

Organizations Are Improperly Offering Yoga Classes and $20K Weddings in National Parks

by Government Executive | December 26, 2019
“Non-profit organizations are improperly offering wedding, yoga and rental services at national parks, according to a recent audit, and bilking taxpayers in the process. The National Park Service partners with nonprofits to run Residential Environmental Learning Centers (RELCs) on ...

EPA Calls Reporting on Proposed Rulemaking Update ‘Completely Misleading’

by Government Executive | November 12, 2019
On Monday, The New York Times reported a new draft of the EPA’s Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science rule that modifies a 2018 version. According to this draft, scientists would be required to disclose all of their data (including medical records) before the EPA would ...


by Government Executive | January 16, 2018
From: Government Executive “Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility is suing the Office of Management and Budget for the submissions made by the public in response to an executive order signed by President Trump in March and ensuing guidance from OMB.” Read more . . . ...
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