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Group says air tour plans inadequate

by Hungry Horse News | November 3, 2021
An organization that brought suit against the National Park Service over air tours is saying the Park Service hasn’t done enough to curb the flights under its new plans. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility last month filed a motion in federal court to compel the Park ...

Air Tour Plan Needs a Time Frame

by Hungry Horse News | September 22, 2021
For the last 20 years the Federal Aviation Adminitration has ignored Glacier National Park’s efforts to prohibit commercial overflights. For 20 years thousands of complaints have been filed by individuals and organizations about noise pollution destroying the Glacier experience for ...

Glacier looks to limit and eventually phase out air tours

by Hungry Horse News | September 8, 2021
“A federal appeals court in May 2020 ruled that Glacier, along with 22 other national parks had to come up with an air tour management plan with the federal Aviation Administration within two years. The ruling came after a lawsuit was filed in 2017 by the Public Employees for ...