Watchdog group: National Park Service law enforcement staffing remains low

by KJZZ | January 10, 2023
In the last couple of decades, visitation to national parks has increased significantly, but the number of law enforcement officers in the parks has fallen. New findings by the nonprofit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility show the National Park Service has reduced the number ...

How the Inflation Reduction Act could help National Park Service staffing shortage

by KJZZ | August 30, 2022
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility noted the labor shortage in a recent report. One concern is that, as the number of rangers has gone down, the number of search and rescue operations has gone up. But the nonprofit says that the legislation provides $500 million toward ...

Conservationists urge Biden administration to step up plastics ban in parks

by KJZZ | August 23, 2022
The nonprofit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER, has found through public records requests that industry lobbyists have fought the agency on the issue behind the scenes. “National parks are where we come to enjoy our nation’s natural beauty and learn about its ...

National parks see decline in ranger force, even as the number of rescues increases

by KJZZ | July 25, 2022
“Well overall Park Service staffing has been going down for the last 20 years, even as visitation has been going up, there are new parks, and new acreage, and things like that,” said Jeff Ruch of the nonprofit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. “And law ...

Report gives Biden administration’s Bureau of Land Management mixed reviews

by KJZZ | July 20, 2022
The nonprofit says the administration has made progress in fixing agency-wide problems, but there is plenty of room for improvement, particularly in the area of climate change. “Oil and gas leasing on public lands contributes to greenhouse gasses, emissions, and also the livestock ...
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