Why Experts Are So Worried About ‘Forever Chemicals’

by MSN | July 11, 2022
How do you get PFAS in your system? By breathing in contaminated air, drinking contaminated water, and eating contaminated food. The Guardian recently conducted an analysis of water samples collected in nine different cities in the United States, and found that the water test used by ...

‘Big problems’: The Supreme Court handcuffed EPA on climate change. What comes next?

by MSN | July 4, 2022
“It strips federal EPA scientists of their ability to help the American public tackle the worst effects of climate change, and the EPA of its power to protect the environment and our communities from a worsening climate crisis,” said Marie Owens Powell, president of AFGE Council 238, ...

National parks shouldn’t be Disneyland: Balancing conservation with economic input

by MSN | July 13, 2021
“In May the NPS published new guidance for park managers that directs them to decide what species and landscapes they want to preserve and what they will let go. The document says that “it will not be possible to safeguard all park resources, processes, assets, and values in their ...
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