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PEER Claims Administration’s Use Of “Acting” Positions Creating Leadership Vacuum In NPS

by National Parks Traveler | February 19, 2020
“The Trump administration has gone three years without a Senate-confirmed director of the National Park Service and filled many jobs with ‘acting’ positions, a practice that Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility claims has created a ‘leadership vacuum&# ...

Interior Secretary Bernhardt Seems To Have Tailored A Job For P. Daniel Smith

by National Parks Traveler | February 16, 2020
“When P. Daniel Smith walked away from his job as deputy director of the National Park Service last fall, he didn’t walk back into retirement but rather into a position Interior Secretary David Bernhardt created for Smith that just happened to be based in Smith’s hometown ...

PEER Alleges P. Daniel Smith Received Sweetheart Deal From National Park Service

by National Parks Traveler | February 13, 2020
“National Park Service officials have declined to respond to allegations that P. Dan Smith, who was brought out of retirement by former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to effectively be director of the National Park Service, was given a sweetheart deal last fall when he stepped down to ...

OIG Report On Residential Environmental Learning Centers Called Misleading

by National Parks Traveler | January 5, 2020
“A report that highlighted flaws with how the National Park Service oversees Residential Environmental Learning Centers mischaracterized how those nonprofit operations work and failed to reflect the benefits they bring to the parks and their visitors, according to some of the ...

Peer Sues to Overturn Expanded E-Bike Access in National Parks

by National Parks Traveler | December 6, 2019
“A lawsuit filed to overturn the Interior Department’s move to expand e-Bike access in the National Park System also takes aim at the Trump administration’s preference for appointing “acting” officials rather than submitting nominees for Senate confirmation. ...
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