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EPA sets PFAS test for HDPE containers, faces new suit in Inhance case

by Plastics News | February 20, 2024
The Environmental Protection Agency has released a method for measuring PFAS contamination in high density polyethylene containers, a step the agency said will allow industries that use fluorinated plastic bottles and products to better… Read the PEER Story… ...

EPA orders Inhance to stop its HDPE barrier coatings, citing PFAS concerns

by Plastics News | December 4, 2023
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered packaging barrier maker Inhance Technologies LLC to stop using its fluorination coating process on plastic containers, saying that it produces three “highly toxic” PFAS chemicals that… Read the PEER Story… ...

Inhance faces EPA, environmental group lawsuits

by Plastics News | January 13, 2023
Packaging barrier maker Inhance Technologies LLC is facing questions about the safety of its fluorination coating process for high density polyethylene containers, including an investigation and lawsuit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read the PEER Story… ...

Lawmakers, groups call for faster phaseout of plastics in national parks

by Plastics News | August 30, 2022
In June the federal government announced plans to phase out a wide range of single-use plastic products on Department of Interior lands by 2032. But lawmakers and three environmental groups are calling on President Joe Biden’s administration to move faster with plastic bottles in ...

Kickstart: Cutting back on fossil fuel-based plastic in dinosaur models

by Plastics News | June 29, 2021
“Should national parks sell plastic water bottles? Environmental stewardship or nanny state. The change in the White House has some groups pushing to reinstate the ban on the sale of disposable water bottles in national parks. Now, environmental groups led by Public Employees for ...
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