Weekly Agriculture: Farm bill could target child labor

by Politico | June 3, 2024
The EPA allegedly failed to report PFAS detected in pesticides samples sent to the agency for testing, according to a complaint filed last week by watchdog group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). EPA tests all pesticides prior to registration due to the known ...

Interior seeks FOIA reinforcements amid mixed backlog progress

by Politico | May 16, 2022
The Interior Department’s latest Freedom of Information Act report reveals both progress and slippage on the persistent backlogs that officials hope to whittle down with the help of a budget proposal coming before Congress this week. In the second-quarter report of 2020, the backlogged ...

PFAS bills readied for House, Senate floor votes

by Politico | March 1, 2022
Bills that have cleared their House and Senate committee hearings without opposition would block the state from setting or enforcing cleanups for hazardous “PFAS” chemicals that are used in household items like stain-resistant carpets. Response — But a national environmental group ...

Texas’ grid tug of war

by Politico | March 8, 2021
“EPA PURSUING PESTICIDES’ PFAS PROBLEM: EPA on Friday said it has launched an investigation into the fluorinated containers that hold commonly used pesticides and other products after initial findings suggested that they are leaching PFOA and other PFAS into the products. The ...

The ‘deep state’ of loyalists Trump is leaving behind for Biden

by Politico | January 19, 2021
“Donald Trump spent four years railing against a “deep state” of career federal workers he claimed was undermining his administration from the inside. When Joe Biden takes office this week, he may actually have one. And just last week, the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard ...
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