“Unusual mortality event”: Climate concerns rise after dead whales keep washing up on beaches

by Salon | January 19, 2023
According to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a non-profit advocacy group, federal regulators have failed to “implemented decisive measures” necessary to protect them “due in part to fishing industry opposition.” “Due to a combination of ...

What killed off billions of Alaska’s snow crabs?

by Salon | October 28, 2022
A whistleblower who once worked with NOAA released a report in 2021 in Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, detailing supposed data falsification and other dishonest activities NOAA conducted. The report claims that “scientific fraud” is why the snow crab ...

Trump’s EPA clears way for “Bhopal 2” here in the U.S.

by Salon | December 6, 2020
“Thirty years ago, President George H.W. Bush signed so-called Bhopal provision amendments to the Clean Air Act. Named after history’s worst toxic chemical accident that killed or injured more than 500,000 people in India the provision was meant to ensure  such a tragedy ...

New Health Concerns Over Synthetic Playing Fields

by Salon | November 9, 2019
“PFAS in synthetic turf should sound alarm bells for parents and for all municipalities with these fields,” said Kyla Bennett of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. “For the health of our children and communities, we urgently need to take a hard look at PFAS in ...

Enlarged Atlantic fishing area could further imperil right whales

by Salon | October 20, 2019
Donald Trump likes scallops, ordering the seafood for Chris Christie even though the former governor of New Jersey is allergic to them, but a new fishing map that benefits scallop fishermen could push the endangered North American right whale into extinction. Trump regulators opened ...
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