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State task force recommends Mass. do more to crack down on PFAS

by The Boston Globe | April 20, 2022
But Kyla Bennett, director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility in New England, found it “disappointing.” ”I thought that the goals were wimpy … and I thought the language was a little slippery,” she said. She said she’d hoped the report would include more ...

‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Found in MWRA Fertilizer, Drawing Alarm

by The Boston Globe | December 1, 2019
“Converting much of the region’s sewage into a valuable byproduct was a major achievement of the Boston Harbor cleanup. Over the past three decades, the fertilizer has been sold or given away in massive amounts: tens of thousands of tons a year sent to farms and golf courses, parks ...

Levels of Toxic Chemicals in MWRA Fertilizer Found in Tests Are Raising Concern

“QUINCY — The sludge arrives by the ton, pumped through miles of underwater pipes from Deer Island to a waste-water treatment plant on the banks of the Weymouth Fore River, where it’s spun through centrifuges into a kind of wet cake, dried by large furnaces, and made into ...

A State Budget Plan Is Late. How Late? It’s for the Last Fiscal Year

by The Boston Globe | November 29, 2019
“For weeks, legislative leaders have been unable to reach a compromise to close the books on last fiscal year, leaving a relatively routine spending bill and a $1.1 billion surplus that it is built on to languish. But that impasse is affecting more than just the state’s ledger: ...

Lowell Water Treatment Plant to Stop Accepting Toxic Water from N.H. Landfill

by The Boston Globe | November 7, 2019
“Under pressure from lawmakers and environmental advocates, officials in Lowell said Thursday that they had suspended a contract with a New Hampshire landfill that sent a large volume of toxic runoff into the Merrimack River, a source of drinking water to more than a half-million ...
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