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Plastic containers still distributed across the US are a potential health disaster

by The Guardian | June 1, 2023
PFAS are a class of about 15,000 chemicals often used to make products resistant to water, stains and heat. The compounds are ubiquitous, and linked at low levels of exposure to cancer, thyroid disease, kidney dysfunction, birth defects, autoimmune disease and other serious health problems ...

US food pesticides contaminated with toxic ‘forever chemicals’ testing finds

by The Guardian | May 7, 2023
The fertilizers are also probably polluting water with PFAS. The level of PFOA, one kind of PFAS compound, found in Malathion 5EC was over 100,000 times higher than the level the EPA considers safe in drinking water, though no limit has been set for PFAS in pesticides. “There is no ...

US agency takes unprecedented action to tackle PFAS water pollution

by The Guardian | May 6, 2023
The enforcement action is “significant”, said Kyla Bennett, a former EPA scientist now with the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility non-profit. But she said it represented “baby steps” and questioned why the EPA was allowing such high levels of PFAS to be disgorged ...

Harvard professor lobbied SEC on behalf of oil firm that pays her lavishly, emails show

by The Guardian | April 6, 2023
Kyla Bennett, director of science policy with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (Peer), whose work with whistleblowers has exposed industry’s influence with regulators, Congress, academia and the media, said: “Our current ecological predicament means we can no longer ...

US environmental agency to conduct internal inquiry over Ohio train wreck

by The Guardian | March 29, 2023
Critics say the Joe Biden administration has not been cautious enough in its approach, or taken strong enough action against Norfolk Southern, the rail company behind the disaster. Much of the ire over the management of the toxic wreck’s aftermath was directed at the EPA, and rightwing ...
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