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EPA Whistleblowers Provide New Evidence of Ongoing Failure to Assess Dangerous Chemicals

by The Intercept | August 1, 2022
According to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the organization that’s representing the whistleblowers, the statements may be a violation of the law. “I hope that the inspector general evaluates whether these false statement are violations of the criminal statute,” ...

Internal EPA Report Describes “Incredibly Toxic Work Environment” in New Chemicals Division

by The Intercept | March 30, 2022
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER, which has been representing the whistleblowers and submitted the Freedom of Information Act Request for the internal report, said that the newly released document vindicated the group’s clients. “It supports everything they’ ...

Documents Reveal Identities of Three EPA Officials Who Downplayed Chemical Hazards

by The Intercept | March 2, 2022
THE WHISTLEBLOWERS WHO have alleged systemic corruption in the Environmental Protection Agency’s New Chemicals Division have refrained from releasing the names of the managers and other agency officials who they say have repeatedly interfered with the chemical assessment process. But now ...

EPA Official Prevented Staff From Warning Public About Widely Used Carcinogen

by The Intercept | December 22, 2021
Yet one official, who holds a senior leadership role in the agency, felt that the dangers of PCBTF should not be mentioned in the assessment. In a December 18, 2019, email she described the chemical as “just a solvent there as a part of making it,” according to screenshots of the email ...

EPA Withheld Reports of Substantial Risk Posed by 1,200 Chemicals

by The Intercept | November 1, 2021
“The fact that these studies aren’t being included means there’s a very good chance there are some chemical assessments where we should have reached different conclusions,” said another EPA staff member who is familiar with the chemical assessment process. The information comes ...
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