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Roundup: Biden Administration Revamps Procedures for Reviewing Regulations

by Union of Concerned Scientists | January 26, 2024
A process President Biden launched during his first week in office aims to ensure all agencies adopt scientific integrity policies that prohibit improper political interference in scientific research and prevent the suppression or distortion of scientific information. After an inter-agency ...

State and Local Governments Across the Country are Sidelining Science. Here’s What’s Needed

by Union of Concerned Scientists | November 16, 2023
States lack the necessary safeguards to shield scientists and their work from politicization, and to hold wrongdoers accountable. A 2020 study from the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund found that only two state agencies in the entire country — the California Department of Fish and ...

The Supreme Court Has Unleashed a New Tool to Hamstring Federal Agencies. Congress Must Act.

by Union of Concerned Scientists | October 6, 2022
The West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision the US Supreme Court handed down in June curtailed strategies EPA can use to slow climate change, but its problematic implications stretch far beyond greenhouse gas reduction. In a new report, experts from the Center ...

After West Virginia vs. EPA Case, How Can We Protect Public Health?

In a new report, “In the Wake of West Virginia v. EPA,” policy experts from the Center for Progressive Reform, Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, and the Union of Concerned Scientists look at how Congress and the executive branch can ...

Trump Administration Considers Hunting in Wildlife Refuges a Celebration of COVID-19 “Success”

by Union of Concerned Scientists | April 13, 2020
“News broke last week that the Department of Interior (DOI) is planning to open an unprecedented number of wildlife refuges to hunting and fishing. The proposed changes, if finalized, would open over 2.3 million acres of federal land across 97 national wildlife refuges and 9 fish ...
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