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Glacier will phase out commercial air tours by 2029, but is that soon enough?

by Yahoo News | September 26, 2022
It took a lawsuit filed by the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility against the Park Service and Federal Aviation Administration to get to this point. PEER spokesman Jeff Ruch said the organization was pleased that Glacier was fading out tours altogether, but he said the Park ...

An electric bike rode into the backcountry. Now there’s a nationwide turf war

by Yahoo News | May 31, 2022
The public backlash prompted some 24,000 emails and letters to the Park Service from groups and individuals. The American Hiking Society reaction was aghast, declaring an official position that “any vehicle that uses either an internal combustion engine or an electric motor for ...

A pass for polluting? Environmental groups, employees say EPA enforcement efforts lacking

by Yahoo News | May 13, 2022
The data fits with the experiences of Tim Whitehouse, a former senior attorney at EPA who helped enforce water pollution laws in the 1990s and early 2000s. During his tenure, Whitehouse said, he felt the agency was supported by Congress, which provided both higher funding and more ...

Is EPA putting interests of chemical companies ahead of your health? These experts think so

by Yahoo News | March 7, 2022
They also doubt the agency’s capacity to tackle PFAS. The 200 chemicals the EPA is now tracking represent just a fraction of the 12,000 PFAS known to exist. PEER, an organization that supports current and former employees of public environmental agencies, calculates that based on ...

Glacier unveils plan to phase out sightseeing flights over park

by Yahoo News | September 6, 2021
“FRUSTRATED BY noisy helicopters around national parks in Hawaii, two groups — Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and the Hawaii Island Coalition Malama Pono — filed a lawsuit seeking to force the government to comply. The U.S. Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C ...
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