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500-Mile-Long Power Line Hits a Roadblock: Ice Age Fossils

by Yahoo News | March 4, 2023
The NPS cautioned in comments filed to BLM last year that “The construction of the transmission line…will have the potential to impact paleontological resources, including an undetermined number of fossil remains and unrecorded fossil sites,” according to the Public Employees for ...

No One Is Happy With the Federal Grazing Program

by Yahoo News | January 29, 2023
So what are the problems, and what needs to change? For starters, the current cattle program is deeply under-resourced, said Chandra Rosenthal in a video interview with Gizmodo. Rosenthal is the head of the Rocky Mountain office of the nonprofit group Public Employees for Environmental ...

Ban on pesticides with PFAS feeds concern about unintended impacts

by Yahoo News | January 27, 2023
Environmental advocates like the Conservation Law Foundation and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility are urging Maine to go even further, calling on the Board of Pesticides Control to conduct independent PFAS tests on all registered pesticides rather than relying on ...

Inside the Fight to Fly Over National Parks

by Yahoo News | January 13, 2023
The action finally came as a result of a court order. The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), an environmentalist group of former and current public employees, sued the FAA in 2017 for effectively ignoring the Air Tour Management Plan of 2000 for almost 20 years. ...

Glacier will phase out commercial air tours by 2029, but is that soon enough?

by Yahoo News | September 26, 2022
It took a lawsuit filed by the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility against the Park Service and Federal Aviation Administration to get to this point. PEER spokesman Jeff Ruch said the organization was pleased that Glacier was fading out tours altogether, but he said the Park ...
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