President’s Address on Environmental Leadership

Today, President Trump delivered an address to the American people on environmental leadership. For decades, the United States has been a world leader in environmental research, protection and innovation. We once recognized the role that the United States played in contributing to environmental damage and climate change but also the role that we must play in combating this global crisis. Despite the President’s assurances, this is no longer the case. Environmental protection has taken a back seat to the interests of the fossil fuel, chemical industries as well as other campaign donors and the United States is reversing course on the substantial environmental gains that have been made under previous administrations.

Many of the Administration’s “achievements” come from simply re-writing or eliminating the regulations to change the rules under which pollution is monitored, enforced and remediated. “Providing regulatory relief” is simply a euphemism for allowing industries to continue to damage our air, water, and health.

Environmental protection is about being stewards of the land, the water, the wildlife and the people of this country, not about patting yourself on the back for acing a rigged exam.

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