State Public Records Law

Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (1967)

Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967, 25-19-101et seq.


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Exemptions to Disclosure

  • 25-19-105(b)(5) exempts:
    • Unpublished drafts of judicial or quasi-judicial opinions and decisions;25-19-105(b)(16) and (18) exempts:
    • Records containing any information relating to security and or vulnerability of any public water system
    • Site files and records maintained by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program of the Department of Arkansas Heritage and the Arkansas Archeological Survey
      • *exemption not applicable to any records of expenditures or grants made or administered by the commission and otherwise disclosable under the provisions of this chapter
    • Methods of identification used to prohibit or protect access to a computer network
      • i.e. passwords, personal id numbers,
    • personal records

    Access Rights

    • Any citizen
    • Regular business hours
    • Custodian is the one who locates the records
    • Fee that is more than $25 may be required to be paid in advance; fee can’t exceed actual costs of production, mailing, etc.
    • Commingling of exempt with non-exempt info in the record will not exempt the record from disclosure (redact the exempt and indicate how much of the record has been deleted)
    • In-camera review for records the public nature of which is disputed
    • Copies may be furnished free or at a reduced cost if custodian determines that they were requested primarily for noncommercial purposes

    Destruction of Public Records

Whistleblower Score

Rank: 20/51

Arkansas has an average whistleblower law with moderately broad coverage (18 out of 33 possible points), average usability (21 out of 33) and stronger remedies (20 out of 33), as well as 1 bonus point for required notice to public employees.

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