Policy & Litigation Attorney

Hudson Kingston

Hudson, a born and raised Minnesotan, helps public employees hold governments to account for environmental harm in the Midwest and across the country. He comes to PEER after working with public health, consumer protection, and environmental organizations in both Washington DC and the Midwest. Over the course of his career he has worked on litigation and policy related to climate change, addressing the water pollution impacts of mining, pesticide regulation, the environmental and health impacts of e-cigarettes, and environmental injustices perpetuated by the administrative state. It has been his honor to partner in this work with tribes, local nonprofits, low-income advocates, coalitions of environmental and social justice groups, and local/state/territorial/federal public employees. Hudson received his law degree from the University of Iowa School of Law, and two Masters of Laws degrees in human rights and international law from New York University and the National University of Singapore. He received his bachelor’s degree in French and English Literature from Carleton College, in Minnesota. At one point he was an avid runner and even won a marathon, but he won’t mention it again if you don’t.

Letter to Minnesota Public Utilities Commission – on Liquified Carbon Dioxide Rulemaking – 01-31-2022 (PDF)

by | January 31, 2022
DESCRIPTION: PEER letter to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission regarding whether the Commission should initiate a rulemaking to cover carbon pipelines under existing hazardous liquid pipeline authority TO: Consumer Affairs Office, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission FROM: Hudson ...

Comment on PFAS Monitoring Plan – to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – 01-21-2022 (PDF)

by | January 21, 2022
DESCRIPTION: Comment (via letter) to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on Draft PFAS Monitoring Plan Comment TO: Sophie Greene, PFAS Coordinator, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency FROM: Hudson Kingston, PEER DATE: January 21, 2022 TAGS: Minnesota, PFAS, PFOS, pollution     & ...

Letter to BLM, USDA – Scope of environmental review for Federal Lands, Minnesota – 01-19-2022 (PDF)

by | January 19, 2022
DESCRIPTION: PEER submitted a letter covering past USFS employee critical feedback, treaty rights impacting NEPA scope, and economic issues related to a USFS and BLM proposal to remove a large amount of BLM-controlled mineral resources under the Superior National Forest from leasing for ...

Letter to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – Impaired waters list and PFAS – 01-07-2022 (PDF)

by | January 7, 2022
DESCRIPTION: Letter to MPCA regarding the impaired waters list, to consider expanding the type and levels of PFAS that would result in impaired waters TO: Miranda Nichols, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency FROM: Hudson Kingston, PEER DATE: January 7, 2022 TAGS: Minnesota, clean water, ...

PEER Profile | Policy and Litigation in the Midwest

by | November 17, 2021
PEER Policy and Litigation attorney Hudson Kingston joins the PEER team, working out of Minnesota ...