Food Supply Chain Imperiled by PFAS-Laden Barrels

by | September 12, 2022
EPA Confirms PFAS in Fluorinated Containers Leach into Contents ...

EPA’s Belated PFAS Pesticide Ingredient Ban Does Little

by | September 7, 2022
Banning a Dozen Inert Ingredients Does Not Stem PFAS Agricultural Spread ...

EPA Corrupted Pesticide Risk Assessment to Aid Industry

by | July 21, 2022
IG Found Managers Trampled Standard Procedures to Diminish Cancer Risk ...

PEERMail | Reversing EPA’s Pesticide Failures

by | November 1, 2021
EPA needs good scientists who want to work in environments where they feel supported and respected, even in the face of industry pressure ...

EPA’s Pesticides Office Labeled as a Failure

by | October 26, 2021
Groups Push Array of Immediate Reforms ...
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