Legal Fellow

Monica Mercola

Monica received her law degree from Brooklyn Law School where she developed an interest in the connection between civil rights issues and environmental issues and was published in the Brooklyn Law School Journal of Law and Policy. Previously, she studied Philosophy at Northeastern University. Prior to joining PEER, Monica has worked at Earthjustice as a Summer Law Clerk and at a variety of state and federal agencies including the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Monica enjoys biking around New York City, going to the farmer’s market, and making paella.

COMMENTARY | PFAS Contamination Study Yields Frightening Results

by | August 5, 2022
Environmental contamination of PFAS has exceeded a new planetary boundary or environmental limits within which humans can survive ...

EPA Flunks PFAS Chemistry Test

by | June 27, 2022
New Advisories Ignore Precursors That Transform into Most Toxic Fluorinated Chemicals ...

EPA Takes First Baby Steps on PFAS

by | June 14, 2022
Nonregulatory Health Advisories on Just Four of Thousands of PFAS ...

Gaping Hole in Biden PFAS Strategy

by | June 10, 2022
Documents Show EPA Has No Consistent Definition of PFAS ...

COMMENTARY | New Mexico Dairy Farmers’ Toxic Fight

by | June 6, 2022
A new Mexico Dairy farmer who lost his entire herd to PFAS contamination is yet another tragic example of the EPA's lack of action on PFAS regulation ...